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“We’ve got to resist the urge to give these guys too much too early,” he said, “because we will miss an evaluation or two, I’m sure, just strictly off somebody being a little behind, trying to sort things out and then not playing to their ability. Just trying to keep it fairly simple for all these guys and get a good, accurate reading on where they are.”

Crennel and Haley said they are hopeful that Houston might eventually emerge as the player the team envisioned on the draft’s second day, when the young defender’s mistakes in a sense benefited the Chiefs; he was considered perhaps a first-round talent who dropped into the third round.

Now, the story at offensive tackle was not good on Wednesday. Not practicing on Wednesday were Jared Gaither and Ryan O’Callaghan. No official word on Gaither, but it appears to be a right knee problem. O’Callaghan’s problem is not known. Late in the team work portion of practice, RT Barry Richardson hobbled off the field with what appeared to be cramps. He did not return and was later taken to the locker room in the back of a cart, still apparently cramping.

That leaves the next man in line at right tackle as Lewis, undrafted out of Southern Cal, who has shown some moments of ability, but far more moments when he’s been overwhelmed. It will be interesting to see how fast Richardson and O’Callaghan can heal their problems. It’s a good bet all three Chiefs quarterbacks will be watching intently.

“I think he’s light years from where he was. That’s a testament to him and his position coach and the guys around him and, I think, us getting more guys to understand how we do things around here. Dwayne is… He’s light years from where he was. I think with Dwayne, it’s a matter of… I do believe now he thinks he can be something special in this league. He’s not there yet, but he showed some good signs last year, and this year we talked about all last year as last year wound down and went in pre-lockout about how important this next year would be, (how to) handle some level of success and how you did that, how he does that and how some of the other guys handle it will tell you a lot about what they’re going to become. He’s doing a tremendous job. He’s showing these young guys how you’re supposed to do it and that’s going to make everybody better.”

“That’s over,” the Chiefs’ running back said Wednesday. “Teams are going to be looking for me now after last year. I’m going to have to step it up. I’m not going to surprise anybody anymore.”

I guess that’s what happens when you run for 1,467 yards (the second most in the NFL) and average a ridiculous 6.4 yards per carry. Teams are, indeed, going to key on you.

He is spending nearly all of his non practice time trying to catch up on the ways of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is thankful he has a built-in advantage.

“It is a bonus that I have played for coach (Todd) Haley before,” said Breaston, who left Arizona to sign with the Chiefs this month. “That does help.”

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