NFL Labor Update: Nothing To See Here

When the whole NFL labor dispute began we were doing our best to give you a blow by blow account of the goings on, rumors, court proceedings and so forth. At first we felt like we were really doing a good job of keeping you informed. While for a while that was probably true, it became apparent pretty quickly that the longer this thing went on, the blow by blow would serve to do nothing more than to frustrate you and piss you off.

Believe me, I know the feeling.

I am sure you have noticed we have cooled on our lockout coverage around here. The reason for that is because we’ve determined that the blow by blow coverage that you are seeing elsewhere, the daily lockout articles being pumped out by guys like Mike Silver and the folks at Pro Football Talk, are mostly useless.

All these guys, and others, have sources and all their sources suck. The news from these “sources” is always vague, always contradictory of other “sources” being used by other reporters and almost never actually means anything.

Thus my advice to you is to ignore the labor updates as much as possible. These reports literally change by the hour. Yesterday afternoon, if you were following reports, you’d of thought the whole mess would be over by the end of the week. By last evening, the death martch drum was being pounded all over the net. It is like a giant pendulum swinging back and forth. Once one side gets it swinging far one way, it gets pushed back the other.

There have been meetings in NYC this week and there are reporters literally camped out on the sidewalk outside the building where the two sides are meeting. Seriously. These people get paid to sit on lawn chairs and look at a building. At the beginning of the day, the tweet who is coming into the building. At lunch, they tweet who is leaving for lunch. Once, the folks inside actually felt so bad for the media outside that they bought them pizza and Gatorade. This caused a great deal of excitement on Twitter and there were even pictures posted of media members sitting around sweating in their suits, eating pizza.

Please God, let football come back soon because if this is what we do when there is no football, we are all in very, very sad shape.

Hence why I am going to caution you to do your very best to tune these guys out. It isn’t their fault. The really don’t have anything else to talk about. Instead, I invite you to enjoy what is left of the summer and continue to check AA every day. We’ll do our best to keep you entertained and continue to turn over every Kansas City Chiefs related rock we can until this thing is done. When it is done, like really done, we’ll let you know.

My bet, it will be over soon. As I’ve said before, this whole thing is happening because the owners and players are greedy. The potential loss of millions of dollars due to missed preseason games will encourage them to get a deal done.

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