Bob Gretz' Greatest Chiefs Of All Time List

While we wait for the almost certain lifting of the lockout, various sites are scrambling for content. Without a normal NFL offseason, there is less to talk about. Recently, Bob Gretz revisited a popular topic, the best all-time Chiefs. Considering I have a strong interest in Chiefs history, I found the list compelling. It is interesting to compare his list to the greatest Chiefs of all time, a voting honor bestowed upon Derrick Thomas, defeating Tony Gonzalez in the finals.

When it comes to voting for an all-time list of anything, I have serious concerns. Basically, most voters don’t know the history well. Therefore, there is a built-in bias towards more recent players. When you have someone like a Bob Gretz compiling a list, it tends to be a more accurate list.

So, to start, let’s look at where Derrick Thomas and Tony Gonzalez stand on his list. Derrick checks in at a respectable tenth on the list and Tony was slotted at number thirteen. I am not going to spoil the whole list. The top fifty article is here. It’s very much worth checking out. For most Chiefs fans, it is an nice tour of Chiefs history.

Personally, I don’t agree with every decision Bob made, but I can not quibble too much with his top four. The top honor goes to the best linebacker ever to wear a Chiefs uniform. Bobby Bell. Many, many Chiefs fans love Derrick Thomas, I do as well. However, Bobby Bell was a much better all around linebacker. This is not a slight for Derrick Thomas, Bobby Bell was just that good.

The second player on the list is my personal favorite Chief of all time, Buck Buchanan. As a defensive tackle, his 6′ 7”, 287 lbs frame may not see overly imposing today. However, in the sixties and seventies, Buck was a monster. He was so dominating, the Raiders went out and drafted Gene Upshaw and Art Shell to handle Buck.

The third player on the list is the best middle linebacker ever to play for the Chiefs, Willie Lanier. Willie was a hard hitting, smart linebacker who ran the best overall Chiefs defense.

I don’t agree with everything on Bob’s list. For example, I believe that Art Still was a better defensive end than Jerry Mays. I do agree with Bob’s top three and that Derrick Thomas is the third best linebacker in Chiefs history.

That’s my take Addicts. Check out the list and post your reactions here. Do you agree with Gretz that Bobby Bell is the best Chief of all time? I do.


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