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Alright guys and gals, I’m bummed.  Looks like good ol’ Mike “Six Pack” Vrabel will be leaving us to go to Ohio State as a coach of some sort.  A lot of intangibles left the team with this announcement leaving us with nothing but, well, tangibles.  We are intangibleless.

Going to the disgraced Ohio State Buckeyes, Vrabel has fallen into shadow.  For many of us this is quite the head scratcher, but really this makes a lot of sense.  You see, Vrabel is more than likely utilizing a start as a college coach to work up to coaching at the NFL level.  Yet, to make it back to what everyone would assume will be the Patriots Vrabel has a lot to learn.  Before you can make it in the NFL you have to learn the basics.  How can you cheat in the big leagues if you haven’t even learned to cheat in the minors?  Belichick needs someone that can successfully pay college recruits under the table, teach them how to get paid for fake jobs they never show up to, and trade their memorabilia for “dope ink” in questionable tattoo parlors before he can legitimately expect him to commit full on espionage in the NFL.  A guy’s gotta pay his dues.


This week the gang here at AA started out the week with Nikolozi talking about the seven free agents he wants the Chiefs to target (if there is free agency), and Lyle counterpointed on Monday by explaining why the Chiefs will not be adding a lot of free agents as well as why they shouldn’t.  Tuesday I gave my argument in support of the Chiefs changing their uniforms, and Andrew published Vol. I of what he has dubbed “The Matt Cassel Project.”  Paddy finished out the week by reflecting on his diminished interest in the NFL during the lockout (he only posts 75 times a day on the site which is exponentially less than before), but still coming to the conclusion that in American sports, the NFL is still king.


So that’s what’s up with AA this week.  We have some light at the end of the lockout tunnel, but it is still yet to be seen whether this is truly a sign of the lockout’s end or merely a phantom leading us farther into the dark.  Have a good night everyone, and as always the floor is now open to the Addicts.

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