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My Chief Concerns: Todd Haley Is Haggard

Please be advised that the following article is made in jest (sort of)

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Todd Haley.  He is the best coach that the Kansas City Chiefs have had in a while.  If I was the coach of the team, I would run it the same way.  I would have the same intensity that he has.  I would have the same passion that he has; the same control that he has; rule by the same principles that he does; and cuss like a f@#$ing sailor like he does.  I love what he has done for, and with, the team.  However, I would probably give a little more effort in the personal appearance portion of the job.

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Being an NFL head coach makes you instantly famous.  Like it or not, you are in the spot light big time.  You are in essence the face of the franchise.  For a coach who is adamant about being in good shape, and acting like a professional, you would think he would place the same emphasis on personal appearance. He simply doesn’t.  Why is that?

(Before you all go crazy on me, let me agree with you on this principle:  what he looks like has no bearing on his performance and the team’s performance.  Todd could look like Nick Nolte’s latest mug shot (he does by the way, see below) and it would have no effect on the team.  But why not give a little effort?

Did Todd Haley Do Nick Nolte's Hair?


Todd Haley is a millionaire.  He can afford to use a razor, right?  He can afford to get a new ball cap that is not encrusted with sweat, true?  He can afford a bottle of Visine, correct? He can afford some proper clothes, or at least clothes that fit better, right?  He can afford a proper hair cut, or at least a comb, wouldn’t you agree?

What prompted me to even pen this article was the latest picture (see first picture above) I saw of him introducing Larry Fitzgerald into the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players (which I believe was taken recently in the last few days). In the past I have not been to harsh on him for his “slobbish” personal appearance simply because I believed that it was a result of long hours of coaching, game planning, etc.  But we are in the middle of the lockout, I am sure he is still working, but his work load has to be cut in half, right?  He has plenty of time to take pride in his appearance.  As the face of the franchise he should.  Can you name any other professional coach who is more unkempt?  At least Bill Belichick combs his hair.

Here is some more proof that our beloved Todd needs help:

And another:

"Hey Coach"... Yeah Matt".... "You lookin good"..."I know"

"Do you like the hat honey?"... "Love it!""Look I'm all dressed up"

"What did you say to me!"

"I taught him everything he knows about style" says Jared Allen


Herm thinks it is funny


Todd Does Not Think It is Funny


This is how it should be. Damn Reebok!


What do you think?

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