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We made it through another week Addicts…well, almost. Just a few more hours to go. As we head into the weekend, our attentions will begin to turn toward the owners meeting next Tuesday. We don’t have any information on how far the negotiations between the owners and players got this week but we could see some news come out of those meetings and possibly, a vote on the framework for a deal. Cross your fingers.

Until then, here is your Morning Fix!

There were 45 men on the field Thursday morning when the Chiefs held the last of three practices that amounted to a players’ created mini-camp in this lockout summer.

It all went down at Bishop Miege High School in Roeland Park, the home of the Stags and their head football coach, former Chiefs center Tim Grunhard.

The players worked for 90 minutes and showed good timing as they were off the field just as it began to show lightning and the rain started. Just like the real workouts, the media was around to ask questions afterwards.

I must say this – it’s the third instance where because of a labor dispute I watched NFL players work on their own. Practices during the 1982 and 1987 strikes were jokes compared to what the players were doing in this practice during the current/2011 lockout. In those previous seasons, players walked off the field at various points and simply sat in the shade. Both of those strikes came during the regular season, so the players initially viewed the downtime as an unexpected vacation. Any motivation to work during the strike quickly disappeared and sessions continued for only a short time.

More than 35 players — or two-thirds of the team’s normal 53-man roster — gathered for the third consecutive day on the football practice field at Bishop Miege High School. No, they didn’t wear pads, and no, they weren’t hitting. But stripped down, this was football.

“It’s close enough,” veteran linebacker Derrick Johnson said. “We’re definitely getting a lot of work done.”

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