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“There are still going to be a lot of needs this fall. We appreciate everybody coming down these past few weeks, but in order to keep the contributions up, keep the volunteers up, it’s going to be necessary. So we’re asking (the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams and the NHL’s St. Louis Blues) to do some things to help us there.”

Forget about the character concerns for a minute. Besides being removed from the game, practices or any setting remotely close to an NFL locker room for more than two seasons, Burress will turn 34 in August. Age nips the best in the bud; even those who’ve spent their entire careers training with the best equipment alongside top trainers.

Sure, there are exceptions.

“It took a physical toll,” Urban said. “I averaged 50 plays a game and played 24 games in 25 weeks. It took me a good six weeks after the season to really feel good again.

“I was a role player,” he added. “The pounding the regulars take, especially the front seven is just unbelievable. I cannot imagine what these guys go through.”

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