100 Things Scarier Than No Football: #49-40

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Last Friday we brought you 100-50 in our top 100 things scarier than no football in 2011. Today I had originally planned to give you the entire top 50 but then I thought about it and realized there is no reason to rush things.

After all, there is still no football.

So join me, if you dare, in rolling through #49-#40. Reader beware…this stuff can get pretty frightening.

#49: The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life might just be the scariest television show of all time. Imagine being locked in a dark room, tied to a chair, with your eyelids cut off. In this room with you is nothing but a TV, playing The Facts of Life.

How long would it take you to go insane?

For those who might not remember this crap, which is quite possibly the most annoying show you could ever hope to watch (followed closely by The Nanny) here is a brief reminder of why you should be afraid.

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