100 Things Scarier Than No Football

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I know we are all terrified with the prospect of there being no football in 2011. At night, I routinely wake up in cold sweats shouting about the matter.

To help me deal with these fears, I have decided to compile a list of 100 people, movies, things and ideas that are SCARIER than a year with no football. Alright maybe they aren’t all scarier than a year of no football but some of this stuff is damn freaky.

Hopefully whenever you start feeling afraid, you can look back at this list and realize things could be much, much worse.

We’ll start with the first 50 today and hit you with the next 50 next week.

100. Hillary Clinton

This picture, in particular, scares the crap out of me.

99. Furbies

Might look cute at first but these things give me the creeps.

98. Michael Jackson and ET

If this doesn’t make you uncomfortable then there is something wrong with you.

97. The Kid from Mask


96. Cher

(Shudders again)

95. Jay Lenno's hair

Could be worse….you could look like that.

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