Rank the AFC West: TEs

This is a thread for the Addicts among us.  Who among the AFC West sports the best TEs, and who sports the worst?

Vote in comments, and be sure to keep track of your votes as this series rolls on. It could be interesting to see how good you think each team is once you add up all your rankings.

The following are your depth charts at TE:

Denver Broncos: Julius Thomas, Virgil Green, Daniel Gronkowski, Daniel Coats, Richard Quinn

Kansas City Chiefs: Tony Moeaki, Leonard Pope, Jake O’Connell, Brad Cottam

Oakland Raiders: Zach Miller, Brandon Myers, Kevin Brock, Richard Gordon

San Diego Chargers: Antonio Gates, Randy McMichael, Kory Sperry

My vote after the jump. Yours is invited in comments.

1. Chargers — The Chargers actually have a pretty pathetic TE corps other than future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. But I’m willing to bet you’d swap your entire TE corps with the Chargers for Gates alone.

2. Chiefs – The Chiefs boast the only actually deep TE corps in the AFC West, probably because they run more multiple-TE sets than everybody else.  Moaeki is a star in the making, while Pope is really good at what he does (blocking) and O’Connell is good at what he does (occasional receiving).  And Cottam presents a potential stud coming back from injury.

3. Raiders — The Raiders have a very underwhelming TE corps, that really starts and ends with the reliable Zach Miller. 

4. Broncos – It doesn’t say a lot about your TE corps when the two rookies you drafted (one in the 7th) are the best players on your squad.

So, assuming a 1st is 4 points, and a 4th is 1 point, this is my individual position scoreboard so far:

Chargers: 14
Chiefs: 11
Broncos: 8
Raiders: 7

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