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Nikolozi's Crazy Idea of the Week: Debut Edition

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First, a little about myself and my crazy ideas.

I am a born and bred Chiefs fan out of Topeka, Kan. who had the great honor of playing tight end in high school wearing number 88 through the Tony Gonzales years – I actually have no idea how I was able to keep that number considering I was a perennial JV guy.

Recently, I have had to watch the Chiefs from afar as I have spent three of the last five years living in the former Soviet Union (Russia and now Georgia), but during that time my obsession with team has only deepened, as it’s basically one of the few things keeping me feeling American over here. I suppose that counts as a crazy idea in itself – choosing to move to the Republic of Georgia 10 months after their war with Russia, three weeks out of college and six days before my 22nd birthday.

Anyways, I hope to use this space now and in the future to play GM and apply my occasional insanity to the Chiefs with an idea you probably haven’t thought of in terms of roster moves, organizational changes, etc. every Saturday at 3 p.m. (midnight my time).

So here it goes.

Crazy Idea #1 – Pick up Reggie Bush

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