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It's Good To Be A Chiefs Fan: In Pictures

With the NFL lockout in full effect and the offseason officially on hold, it’s easy for football fans to get bummed out. NFL football is suppose to be a form of entertainment. It’s suppose to be a distraction from our problems, not one of the problems. I love KC Chiefs football. I LOVE IT! That’s why I’m an addict and I’m guessing that’s why you are here reading an entry on a Chiefs blog in the middle of a locked out, no offseason, dead zone. So instead of delving into the CBA mess again this week I thought I might try to cheer you up a little.

Now this post doesn’t have any in depth analysis or a lot of research to it (unless you count searching cyberspace for Chiefs related pics). It’s suppose to be a little (dare I say) silly fun. So if you could use a little something to lighten the mood and cheer you up then click away to check out why It’s Good To Be A Chiefs Fan: In Pictures.

First off, aren’t you glad that this…….

Clark is thinking "I can't believe dad trusted these yo-yos to run the team!"

Is now this……………

Clark is now thinking "Things are about to change BIG TIME!"

The 2011 draft looks like it may have been a good one for KC. We now have this………….

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a REAL #2 WR!!!!

To go along with this……………..

Bowe is now our "small" WR

and this……………

I could stare at this picture all day. Really, all day. Seriously, I'm still staring at it right now.

Maybe the addition of Baldwin will lead to this……..

In my best David Spade voice: "Buh Bye"

With improved targets to throw to, Matt Cassel should be good to go next season. Speaking of Cassel, isn’t it nice to have a hard working QB who you know would carry his teammates on his back if he had to?

Dwayne, I couldn't have done this before you got "Body By Haley"

I mean, say what you want about Cassel, but at least he’s not this…………

Wow, I mean....why would you....I'm not sure.......let's move on.

and he may be a little goofy sometimes, but at least he’s not this……………

Classic Phylis

and I shouldn’t leave the Raiders QB out of this.

Insert your own obscene caption of your choice.

On the other side of the ball things are looking good as well. On one side of the defense opposing QBs will still have to deal with this………….

Hold him all you want, Tamba will still get there!

but now on the other side of the defense they will also have to deal with this……….

Peek A Boo!!!!!!!!!

and if the QB somehow survives those two, he still may have these guns coming for him up the middle.

Sorry Thomas Jones, but your guns are no longer the best on the team.

How could we have a post about what’s good about the Chiefs without Eric Berry?

Eric Berry = Awesomeness

Also, Brandon Flowers would like to point out that our WRs aren’t the only ones with “ups”.

Tebow better tuck and run against KC.

It used to be that when you talked about the “Black Hole” in the AFC West you meant these fools………

Scary and funny at the same time!

but now you could also be referring to the middle of the Donks defensive line (pictured below).

Will Von Miller help if you can just run right up middle all day long?

Now a random funny picture of Norv Turner.


Okay, I saved the best for last. It’s good to be a Chiefs fan when you have this guy carrying the rock.

Sometimes when I play back a Charles TD run on the DVR I make the roadrunner "Beep Beep" sound.

And as an added bonus, a shot at old Mr. 2.7 YPC.

"Yo Jay, why won't you return my calls no more? Jay?.......come back!"

So hang in there Chiefs fans. I know the lockout is a drag.

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