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Chiefs fans, my Blitz is a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short this week.  A huge dap to Double D for helping a guy out.  I was out of town and unable to get a decent hotel room let alone access to the internet for the past couple of days.* DD, as I’m sue you know, it’s nice to escape the Patrick “The Electric Fillet Knife”  Allen’s policy of cutting off a finger knuckle for every post you miss here at the site if you don’t get someone to cover for you (Tip for our new writers: He starts with the thumbs.  I can hardly hold a beer anymore).  Anyways, I’m back, it’s late, I work early, and during my stay in the scenic Dallas metro area I have a topic of discussion I would like to post to the Chiefs fans and Addicts out there. Oh, and I lied about the Dallas metro area being scenic just in case you were planning on using that as a recommendation for a vacation spot…

*On a work trip, my room was uninhabitable because someone not only overflowed the toilet, but let it run all night supposedly without noticing, so I was ever so graciously accommodated in another hotel away from all my comrades which threw off the activities for the evening which you will hear about in a minute.  As my boss told me, “Happy effin’ birthday!”

Amidst the meetings, networking, learnings, faces to names, flux capacitorization, and everything else that is expected with a corporate trip we also had a group activity at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to watch them whoop the shit out of the Oakland A’s (7-2).  Luckily do to the raw sewage inhabiting the hotel room I was supposed to stay at, I was late and got there at the start of the 3rd inning.  Why can’t people just leave simply an upper decker anymore?  Yet despite all of this frustration, here is the point of the story where I have to not only brag, but point out the coincidence of my good fortune from the past week.  I had just got back to Tulsa Monday evening from Kansas City where I watched the Royals beat the A’s 4-3 on a bottom of the 9th sac-fly.  So I got to see an Oakland team lose twice in a week in two different states.  Yeah I know it’s cheesy to call this out, but I didn’t plan it and really what are the odds?  This week was a perfect combination of my two favorite activities: going to professional sporting events, and hating teams from Oakland.  Even though the A’s were formerly a KC team I still hate them.  To me though the A’s are like your toothbrush:  Once you drop it in the toilet it’s ruined.  Goddamn I hate Oakland.

This experience got me to thinking about Kansas City sports, and the Kansas City Sports experience.  I love going to the Kansas City venues, and think they are the best.  Keep in mind that not only am I extremely biased, but have limited expendable income and thus severely limited experience outside of Kansas City for sporting events.  Truth be told besides this Rangers game, the only other sporting event I have been to outside of Kansas City was last year’s Rams/Chiefs game in STL which I wrote about on this site.

If I have to compare the experience of the Rangers to the Royals as far as ballparks are concerened here is my list:

Rangers Pro:  Much greater attendance even on a Tuesday night.  That’s what going to the World Series will do for you…

Rangers Con: Kauffman has WAY better parking as there is a huge parking area surrounding the stadium.  Parking at the Royal’s park is a major plus especially if you are an out-of-towner that now does not have to search and scramble to find a place to park. Not to mention that both in the “you just got ripped off” department as far as price.

Rangers Pro:  I cannot believe I am saying that a six dollar beer is a pro, but last Saturday at Kauffman a 16oz beer was $9.00.  The Royals have officially priced me out of drinking even the paltry sum of beers I had at their stadium the past several years.*

*See previous paragraph about limited expendable income

Rangers Con: The concourse feels more like you’re in a mall than a professional sporting event.  Sure it’s “nice” but this is supposed to feel like you’re walking out to see the Boys of Summer, not about to get an Orange Julius before  finally buying that “Velvet Elvis” painting you’ve been eyeing at the soon to be closed pop culture art store clinging on for life in the desolate wing of the mall.

Rangers Con: It’s in Texas.  I know the Chiefs are originally from Texas, so don’t try to get all uppity here, I just am not a big fan of Texas.  Big Clue: It starts with the “night” speed limits.  If anything there are less cars on the road so speed limits should go up at night.  WTF Texas?

Rangers Con: The giant LED scoreboard isn’t nearly as easy to see from as many angles since it’s located above right field.  This is especially weird since that means that the fans on the home team’s side have to crane their neck to see the scoreboard.

I could keep going here, but this is a Chief’s blog after all, and I need to get to the point.  I would say that overall I liked the experience at Rangers stadium, but still like the picturesque view and overall convenience of Kauffman better.  You can read my previous article to see that not only was the experience of the STL Rams game I went to ridiculous, but it was embarrassing to the Rams’ fans that were there since KC overran that mofo.  The STL was a horrible stadium to go to, saved only by the KC fans that made the trip.

So I pulll on the community.  I know our readers are not all centrally located, and thus I would like to know which stadiums provide the best experience outside of Kansas City, as well as which provide the worst.  Feel free to include baseball and don’t worry, I realize that although Chiefs fans you may not follow the Royal’s.  I am asking this for two reasons, first I genuinely love travel and would like to know which places try to get to go to, and second I think this will really show just how diverse and widespread the Chiefs fan base is.  I found out a small piece of that the last time I slammed Oakland (read the comments), and love to hear from Chiefs fans everywhere.  Tear it up Addicts.  What are the best and worst sporting complexes in the country?


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