Chiefs Ask NT Jerrell Powe To Lose Weight

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How would you like to have to line up across from this guy? (Not the dude on the right)

Some of the concerns that were flying around prior to the draft about Mississippi NT prospect Jerrell Powe were that be may have trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

While speaking with the media after being drafted, Powe let slip an interesting nugget that the Chiefs asked him to lost some weight before training camp.

“As far as weight wise, I weighed in at 328 before watching the draft, they asked me to get the weight down, weight is not a problem, I’ve always been able to maintain my weight,” said Powe. “I’m just trying to get down to 320, report to camp at 320.”

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Powe has plenty of time to lose eight pounds before training camp, which will hopefully take place in August.

It makes sense that the Chiefs would want Powe playing at a slimmer weight. While NT’s are traditionally are bigger, there have been concerns about Powe’s stamina and ability to be a thee down player. By having him stay trim, the Chiefs should hopefully be able to condition the rookie to be an every down player.

Powe has a long way to go before we will know if he can be a solid starter as KC’s NT but he has his first assignment from the Chiefs and hopefully he will rise to the challenge.

“Just like me and my trainer always talk about making it at any weight, trying to come in light” said Powe.  “Putting on the weight is not a problem so that won’t be an issue. I just want to report to Kansas City at a solid weight and size and let them decide. Whatever they want me to be at weight-wise I don’t have a problem with that. Like I said I can maintain a weight, whether they want me to gain 10 pounds I can do that or if they want me to drop a couple to stay solid I can do that.”

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