Kansas City Chiefs Absolutely Crush NFL Draft's First Day

Yours truly, celebrating the Baldwin pick.

Almost every year, my birthday falls on the first day of the NFL Draft.  It’s pure serendipity; it’s my favorite day of the year.

…uh, that and my anniversary.  (Hi, wife.)

…er, and Christmas. (Hi, Jesus.)

So I brought in my birthday the way every God fearing American should: I got slovenly intoxicated over the course of three hours and rang in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft at a local pub.  In one hand, a Sam Adams Winter Lager.  The other, a golf pencil with which I jot my big board down onto a coaster.

This year, Scott Pioli did not disappoint, and got me (read: us) a hell of a present. 

The Chiefs did not have the value at the positions that they wanted, so they traded down until they did.  They received twice as much value from the Browns (~250 points) that the jump from the Trade Chart suggested the jump would be worth (~120 points).  They traded the pick to a team that wasn’t leapfrogging anybody in particular (the Colts weren’t going to select Taylor). And landed us an EARLY third round pick.

And then, the topper. They landed a player who has Pro Bowl potential, who is a deep threat, and can keep defenses honest. At a one-pick discount, too, since the Ravens weren’t on the board.

It’s been a long day.  Forgive me for not having a more comprehensive argument.  We’ve got months for that. 

In the meantime: Bravo, Pioli. Bravo.

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