Kansas City Chiefs Absolutely Crush NFL Draft's First Day

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Yours truly, celebrating the Baldwin pick.

Almost every year, my birthday falls on the first day of the NFL Draft.  It’s pure serendipity; it’s my favorite day of the year.

…uh, that and my anniversary.  (Hi, wife.)

…er, and Christmas. (Hi, Jesus.)

So I brought in my birthday the way every God fearing American should: I got slovenly intoxicated over the course of three hours and rang in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft at a local pub.  In one hand, a Sam Adams Winter Lager.  The other, a golf pencil with which I jot my big board down onto a coaster.

This year, Scott Pioli did not disappoint, and got me (read: us) a hell of a present. 

The Chiefs did not have the value at the positions that they wanted, so they traded down until they did.  They received twice as much value from the Browns (~250 points) that the jump from the Trade Chart suggested the jump would be worth (~120 points).  They traded the pick to a team that wasn’t leapfrogging anybody in particular (the Colts weren’t going to select Taylor). And landed us an EARLY third round pick.

And then, the topper. They landed a player who has Pro Bowl potential, who is a deep threat, and can keep defenses honest. At a one-pick discount, too, since the Ravens weren’t on the board.

It’s been a long day.  Forgive me for not having a more comprehensive argument.  We’ve got months for that. 

In the meantime: Bravo, Pioli. Bravo.

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