Day One Thoughts and Day Two Strategy

Let’s take a quick look at the day two strategy for the Kansas City Chiefs, plus some quick thoughts on day one. I give Pioli an A+ for that trade down from #21 to #27. In my view, he either picks Anthony Castonzo or trades down. The Chiefs got a high third round pick for trading down six slots. Addicts, that’s called a major value trade for the Chiefs. It turned even better when the Browns totally reached for Phil Taylor. Folks in the AA chatroom were having a great time and were thrilled with the trade down. Then, with Sherrod and Carimi still available, we pick….. Jon Baldwin. I was totally shocked. We will have a lot of time to digest that pick. He has a ton of talent, but some character questions. I guess that high character/leadership criteria Pioli had was so last year. Addicts, the Baldwin pick is Pioli swinging for a home run. It’s either a home run or a strike out, not much room in between.

Now onto day two. Adding pick #70 to picks #55 and #86 will make for a fun day two. Several needs can be filled with good quality prospects. I would strike WR from the needs list for day two, but I am open to going WR in round five on Saturday. Here is my short list of players I am looking at.

Round Two: Akeem Ayers (SOLB), Stefan Wizniewski (C), Brandon Fusco (C), Marcus Gilbert (ROT), Sam Acho (SOLB)

Round Three: John Moffitt (C/G), Jerrell Powe (NT), Sione Fua (NT), Daniel Thomas (RB)

OK Addicts, sound off. Who are you looking at for day two?



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