Blueprint: Sustaining the Success of the Kansas City Chiefs (ver. 2)

Check out version 2 of Larry McDaniel’s blueprint for the Chiefs. First half here, the rest is at With The First Pick!

Okay, it’s creeping up on us people. We can now count on our fingers and toes how many days remain until the NFL Draft. I’m getting very excited just thinking about all of the possible prospects that will improve our beloved Chiefs. A few weeks back, I released version one of my “Blueprint.” I received a lot of suggestions and critiques, and I took them into account for version two. Unlike in version one, I will not be going through free agent pickups and player re-signings. My opinion on those players and moves have not changed. For those that are not familiar with version one, it can be viewed here.

For this one, I will focus solely on the draft. I’ll try and channel my inner Scott Pioli and make the best picks for the Chiefs immediate future and distant future. It’s a hard thing to accomplish because we all know what positions have major holes and which do not. The thing I tried to keep in my when developing this mock draft was that, in order to build a consistent contender, there must be foresight. Holes must be filled via the draft, but depth must be built as well. This mock draft will look drastically different than the previous one. So without further adieu, here is my Blueprint: Sustaining the Success of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Read the rest at With The First Pick.

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