Welcome Back Andrew!

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If you have been reading this site for the last year, you may remember Andrew Crocker.

Andrew and I came on board to AA about the same time but then he got married and his wife kidnapped him. He mysteriously vanished.

After months of research in my Chiefs Man Cave and with a little help from an informant Big Matt located sleeping on the steps in front of his building, I was finally able to track Andrew down.

Andrew “The Crock Pot” Crocker was known around AA for his excellent writing, witty humor and outside the box draft suggestions. By suggesting last draft season that the Chiefs should take former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen, AA readers affectionately? delivered the nickname “The Crockpot” for Andrew.

Anyway, I wanted to get Andrew back because he offers a really unique perspective and usually does so in a very entertaining way. To those who remember Andrew, join me in welcoming him back. To those who don’t know him, I hope you enjoy disagreeing with him as much as you do with the rest of us. ;)

Andrew’s first post back will be up at 10 AM (CST).

Good to have you back Crock. NOW GET TO WORK!

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