AFC West Penitentiary: Bush And Naanee Arrested

Too bad Bush and Naanee don't have one of these.

The AFC West may have to apply for public funds to build a jail to house all it’s criminals.

Usually the jail is reserved for Raiders fans, however, the players seem to be getting in on the action these days.

Just a few days ago, Oakland running back Michael Bush was arrested for drunk driving. Not a smart move for Bush, who is coming off a career year and is schedule to be a free agent if and when free agency happens.

Not one to be outdone, Chargers WR Legedu Naanee, who incidentally is also scheduled to become a free agent,  has been arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest in Indiana.

This story is just classic. Apparently Naanee is drunk of his ass and he stumbles upon a crime scene that he had nothing to do with. The police could tell Naanee was drunk and could smell booze on his breath. Rather than arrest him for being an idiot, the cops told him to buzz off and get out of the way, as you know, they were investigating an active crime scene. Naanee then allegedly asked the officer why he was being “such an [expletive].”

Since he refused to leave and was acting like a moron, the cops informed Naanee that he was being placed under arrest. Finally the light bulb goes off in Naanee’s head that he should leave so that is exactly what he tries to do. The only problem is that once the cops inform you that you are being arrested, you’re going to jail. My guess is that Naanee was not happy about this and that this is where the resisting arrest charge came in.

To top it all off, Naanee decided to use the old “do you know who I am” line while the cops were putting on the cuffs. You know, sometimes when I see someone use that line in a movie I scoff at how trite and unrealistic it seems. Turns out the jokes on me. It does really happen and people really are that stupid.

Then again, if Naanee was smart, he wouldn’t have drunkenly stumbled upon a crime scene and started interfering with police business. Next thing you know, old Legedu will show up at the San Diego zoo, throw back a few shots, climb into the bear pit and proceed to poke a mother bear in the eye until it bites his face off, at which point Naanee will decide it is time to leave the bear pit.

Out dumber than a box of shat award goes to Legedu Naanee today! Congratulations Legs!

Congratulations to Legedu Naanee, recipient of the February 15th, 2011 Arrowhead Addict "Dumber Than A Box Of Shat" award.

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