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Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and defensive end Tyson Jackson weren’t fined by the league office after a pair of plays were reviewed by the NFL.

Following their 30-7 playoff win, the Ravens complained about Belcher’s helmet-to-helmet shot on quarterback Joe Flacco and Jackson placing tight end Todd Heap in a headlock.

“We saw both of those on film,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Monday. “We sent those into the league. The helmet-to-helmet on the slide, Joe is protected at that point from a head shot. And then the other one, that speaks for itself. Everybody saw that.

David Lindstrom, a former defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been elected vice chairman of the Johnson County Commission.

Lindstrom, who serves as Third District commissioner, was elected to the position by the other six commission members.

“I wanted someone with pro and college experience,” Muschamp said. “I wanted an outstanding play-caller and a great developer of quarterbacks. And there’s no better than Charlie Weis.”

In the wake of this past season’s struggling and predictable offense, Florida fans are hoping Weis is the answer. And quarterback John Brantley, who is returning, hopes Weis is the key to resurrecting his career.

The 2010 Chiefs confirmed to us that you don’t have be near the top in money spent in order to be successful. But is this the strategy the Chiefs will employ moving forward? I have a hard time seeing how that will be the case.

The Chiefs ’08 and ’10 draft classes were very good with multiple players showing early that they’ll be candidates for a second contract down the road. It’s a good thing when you draft well but it also means $$$. Good players want to be paid like good players and the second contract is when you do that.

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