Open Mic Night Playoff Week Edition

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The hour is nigh where two teams of exceeding quality will take the field to do battle in the Colosseum of the modern age.  Adorned with armor and helmets decorated with the insignia of their homeland these two squadrons will smash into and through each other risking life and limb to have nothing more than another opportunity to pursue greatness and achieve ultimate victory.  Unfortunately for the team that has traveled far from their berth they will not only be battling the regiment of players on the field.  They will be up against a battery of livid emotion and deafening sound for they face no normal foe.  They face the Kansas City Chiefs and the Sea of Red, and for them victory will be unattainable.

At least that’s how I see it.

This has been a very exciting week to be part of the Arrowhead Addict family.  Our beloved site has received outside media recognition twice, and all of this in the middle of playoff week.  I first wanted to congratulate Victor Wishna for his awesome rendition of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” and the recognition it received from NPR, and Big Matt for going toe to toe with the infamous Jason Whitlock.  Great job guys.

But wait, that’s not all!  Big Matt’s regularly scheduled programming is top notch, and so is his new tattoo!  I followed up with my letter/list of demands for Coach Todd Haley, and guess what?  He never wrote me back…  To end the week Adam put together some solid work, and focused on what will truly linchpin in this Sunday’s matchup:  the line of scrimmage.  If you missed any of these posts, I seriously recommend taking the time to go back through them because the team here at AA really put together a solid week.  My hat goes off to you guys.

So here is your turn to bring up topics about the upcoming Ravens/Chiefs game.  What do you think will be the key for either team?  We will have our playoff predictions up come Sunday, but I agree with Adam that the key will be controlling the Ravens D-line/O-line, i.e. and keeping Charles and Cassel on their feet, and Rice and Flacco off of theirs.

Have a great night everyone, and thanks for helping make this site what it is!

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