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“They’re on the verge of winning the division and clinching a playoff berth,” said former Chiefs defensive back Jayice Pearson. “There couldn’t have been too many people who thought that back in the preseason. I don’t think anybody saw this coming. They’re definitely ahead of schedule.”

Think of moments, too. Dexter McCluster returned a punt for a touchdown, and Derrick Johnson set up another score with a key forced fumble in a season-opening win that went down to the last play. Brandon Flowers returned an interception for a touchdown against the Browns, the difference in a two-point victory. Haley admittedly got lucky with the timing of a timeout before a field goal against the Bills.

“Jason is looking forward to hopefully having the opportunity of coming back next year, but that’s obviously predicated on what the Titans want to do,” said Babin’s agent, Rich Rosa.

“We haven’t had any talks yet that would lead to doing a deal or him staying there. But I would anticipate we would at some point in the future because I just think he’s right for the system.”

But there’s no doubt Berry’s role has changed. He once was the improvising, ball-hawking defender who could do what he wanted on a football field. Now, he’s confined to system that relies on sticking to assignments and sometimes passing up opportunities to make the plays that defined his career in Knoxville. He has three interceptions this season, and maybe that’s fewer than some expected.

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