My Chief Concerns: What Are We All Complaining About?

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You do it.  He does it.  We Do it.  She Does it.  I do it.  What in the hell am I talking about?  Complaining. 

We all complain.  We complain when we are stuck in traffic.  We complain when our waiter provides bad service.  We complain when our cell phones cut out.  We complain when our favorite team, the Chiefs, lose. 

All the complaining stems from one thing:  a failure of expectations.

Take traffic.  It’s a funny thing; traffic.  There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.  If I need to be somewhere and “unexpected traffic” slows me down then I am totally pissed and can literally have a meltdown.  If however, I plan on being somewhere and expect to have traffic, (even if it adds two hours to my travel time), I don’t even bat an eye.  

I have noticed that no one is complaining about our Defense, and special teams, and for good reason.  They are great, and quite frankly, we were not expecting them to do so well. (Hence the “no complaining” about them; despite the fact that they are truly not flawless).

However, everyone is complaining about Matt Cassel, (including me), but as I take a look at it more closely, what are we complaining about?  Not to be facetious, but were we really expecting better?

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Last year in 2009 Matt Cassel had 16tds, 16ints, and a 69.9 QB Rating. He currently stands, after only four games, at 4tds, 3ints, 650 yards, and has a 74.0 QB Rating.  Did we really expect that much more from Cassel?  He is currently on schedule to play better than last year! (I bet you did not expect that).  (Coincidently, Brodie Croyle in the year he was a starter had 6tds, 6ints, and a 69.9 rating too). 

If you look at Matt Cassel’s rating over the course of 2009 it was all over the place.  What you can expect from Matt Cassel is frequent inconsistency.  You all remember the last game of the 2009 season where we completely destroyed Denver right?  Do you know what Matt Cassel’s QB rating was?  I was expecting it to be high since we killed them.  The score was 44-24.  But… his QB Rating was a 65.8.  He threw no touchdowns and one interception.

Our brief history with Mr. Cassel has been long enough to illustrate the fact that Matt Cassel is clearly an inconsistent QB who can deliver a great game and a real stinker for no obvious reasons (It does not matter if he plays at home or away; See Buffalo last year at home: 14.6 QB Rating, and away at Philly: a 124.5 QB Rating).  The only thing you can expect from him is the unexpected.   Just get in, buckle up, cheer him on and expect a long ride.  It’s just like traffic, you have no choice. You will stop complaining about him and it when you realize that. There are no other realistic options.

We have undoubtedly exceeded all expectations so far. We have a good team that is getting better.  We have a QB consistency problem. Trust me; it could be a lot worse. 

Let’s lean on our RBs, special teams and defense, make the playoffs and hope Cassel gets hot in the post season.  Stop complaining and enjoy the ride.  We are 3-1 in just in case you forgot.  Let’s see where this already glorious unexpected season takes us.

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