My Chief Concerns: Five (5) Absolute Guarantees For 2010

It has been a long time coming.  The season is finally here.  It is nice to see some new commenters and voices “pop up” here in the weeks and days before the season starts.  It is even nicer to see the same familiar voices who have been here all along (we know who you are).  We here are Arrowhead Addict (Patrick Allen really) put forth a lot of effort to feed your Chief’s addiction.  With the new season comes so many more things to talk about.  This is a site for fans by fans.  So your input is always appreciated.

The long off season is finally over!  As the beginning of the regular season is upon us; I have decided to lay the gauntlet down and make some hardcore guarantees. The following is a list of five things that I absolutely positively know will happen in 2010:

First:  Our special teams will be much, much improved.

Gone are the days of Bobby “Slow Poke” Wade.  You remember him; if he did not fair catch the ball, he would run like “Little Maggie” from the Simpsons.  I.e. take two steps and fall on face.

Now, we have Javier Arenas, who quite honestly could be our next X-Factor.  Over a course of a season, I would be shocked if he did not take at least two (2) to the house.  Our average field position is going to increase dramatically.  (Notice I haven’t even mentioned McCluster’s name here; do I need to?).  Our special teams will be the difference maker in a couple of games.  Who’s not excited about that?  God, I hope we receive the kickoff on MNF!

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Second: The Chiefs will be in the league’s top 5 in total rushing yards on offense.

Gone are the days of Larry “Lost a Step” Johnson and Dantrell “No Vision” Savage.  Now we have tried and true Thomas Jones, Jamaal Charles (who could easily lead the league in rushing but for Thomas Jones and…), Jackie “The Battle Axe” Battle. (Notice I haven’t even mentioned McCluster’s name here; do I need to?).  You have to play to your strong point and RBs are where we are loaded.  Jones still looks spry and “Haley’s Comet” still gives 100% every time he touches the ball.  With Matt Cassel ahem…still working on his accuracy and attempting to get “in sync” with his receivers, (who have been prone to dropping the ball), expect a hell of a lot of running.  (Man do I miss those old toss plays to Priest Holmes, I have a feeling we will be seeing them again sans Priest Holmes).

Third:  Eric Berry will lead all rookie defensive backs in tackles and interceptions.

This one is easy.  Why?  Not many rookie DBs see the field, or see the field full time.  Eric Berry will.  Most rookie DBs are corner backs, who tackle little and only cover one part of the field.  Eric Berry will cover the whole field and will tackle (hit) every single freaking thing that comes his way.  Am I putting too much pressure on him?  Nah! Eric Berry is a special kid and a special talent.  You will see soon enough why he was picked so high.  We need him to become our new Derrick Thomas.  Yeah, I just said that. (He will too).

Fourth: Todd Haley will become a better all around coach.

Todd Haley was a first year coach on a very bad team.  He came in full of piss and vinegar, screaming and yelling and thought that this was the way to toughen up the Chiefs.  Well, a year later it is clear (to me at least) that said tactic did not work out too well; it may have even cost us a few safeties (Jarrad Page and Bernard Pollard).

I am not going to say that Todd Haley has lightened up (I hope he hasn’t), but he should mature as any second year coach with a year under his belt would.   Why?  Because of experience. He knows the mistakes he made last year and he has learned from them (i.e. play calling duties).  He cannot help but hear it from the media, from us bloggers (you know he has to read, right?) and most importantly the “Don”, Scott Pioli.  You cannot hide behind your mistakes when you have such a public job.

Additionally, Haley, like you and me, loves to win, and is a poor loser (a sign of immaturity; I admit).  Since we will undoubtedly be winning more games, his demeanor and thus coaching style will improve.  Winning makes you a better coach, right?  Just imagine Bill Belichick’s coaching style if he went 4-12.  I know that this is a weak argument, but it is one born of reality and passion.  Complaining wanes on everyone’s part when success is the outcome.  Who are you going to blame for winning?  Winning cures everything.  Absolutely everything!

Oh, and one more thing, Haley has arguably has the best staff of all NFL coaches working under/for him.  He can bounce any conundrum off of Weiss, Crennel, Gibbs, Pioli, etc.  He is at least humble enough to do that.

Fifth: Jon Asamoah will be starting on the O-Line by years end.

Whether by outplaying someone or by injury, Jon Asamoah will be starting on the O-line. I suspect it would be through injury, (I hope not), but once he gets his shot, he will not relinquish the position.  Playing the O-line actually requires some smarts. He is an intelligent player who has wonderful athleticism and a tremendous work ethic.  I can imagine that Brian Waters, Casey Weigmann, Rudy Niswonger and/or Ryan Lilja are going to miss a few starts throughout the course of the year.  Jon is going to make it tough for them to regain their starting positions back.  That coupled with the administrations desire to see him shine, make this an easy prediction in my book.

There you have it.  Those are my absolute guarantees.  What are yours?

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