Chiefs Links: Ranking the returners in the AFC West

1. Darren Sproles, San Diego: One of my favorite things to do on an NFL Sunday is to watch Sproles return a kick or a punt. The blogging stops and all attention is paid to this dynamic little man. He can score every time he touches the ball.

2. Eddie Royal, Denver: Royal is better at punt reruns than kick returns. He had two touchdowns on punt returns at San Diego last season and can make things happen. If healthy, running back J.J. Arrington may handle kickoff returns and rookie cornerback Perrish Cox could take on punt-return duties to spell Royal.

3. Dexter McCluster/Javier Arenas, Kansas City: The Chiefs could still use Jamaal Charles on kickoffs because he is so dynamic. But I think the team will want to save their star running back for offense. There’s a reason why both McCluster and Arenas were drafted in the second round. These guys are going to get a chance to shine in the return game.

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