Understanding The Addict Forums

As our forums are beginning to get more popular, I wanted to revisit with you how they are to be used so that we can all the get maximum use out of them. There has been some confusion as of late of what goes where and some posts are ending up in the wrong sections. Thus, I will clarify.

As of now, we have 4 main forums.

Addict Posts

The Addict Posts are the most exciting forum we have because it is the place for you, the reader, to have your own blog. The staff here at AA does its very best to bring you a wide range of views and opinions, analysis and news but sometimes, we just can’t cover it all. We all talk in the comments and sometimes, I see such well written, thought out comments from readers that I think the comment could be a blog post all on its own.
That is why we created the Addict Posts. If you have something to say that is more than just a regular comment, try creating an Addict Post. These posts should be like the feature articles we post on the main page. They should be at least 75-100 words in length and should have a focused point and theme.

Think of it as your very own blog here on AA where you can voice your own thoughts and opinions on the Chiefs. Well written, relevant posts will always be given consideration for main page promotion. We are a community here and from time to time we are going to want to reward the fine work of our regular readers by giving them props on the main page.

Obviously, we won’t promote every single Addict Post to the front page because we want it to be something special, but we encourage you to write. It will greatly increase the value of AA and add even more content about our favorite team! I also encourage you to comment on those posts that do show up int he forum and let the author know what you thought of their work. These types of actions will encourage more articles and more content for us all!

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Addict Alerts!

This is the place for you to alert the other Addicts of happenings with the Chiefs and around the NFL. I do my very best to search the internet and bring you relevant news as quickly as possible. You should see me freaking out when something major happens as I scramble around trying to get together a coherent post for you all ASAP. You may notice that sometimes, a headline will pop up on the main page and that is all. As the minutes pass, you may notice the post updates.

That is because I am trying to get you the info right away while I work on elaborating on the story.

Sometimes however, I am away from the computer and I don’t know what is going on. This is why the Addict Alert! forum is so important. I want you all to share info, not just with me but with each other. I want AA to be your one stop shop for everything Chiefs. If it isn’t on the main page, I want it to be in the forums.

If you see are bouncing around the net and you see that Matt Cassel broke his ankle in a pickup basketball game, check the main page. If there is nothing there about it, throw up an Addict Post. Link to the article and maybe post the relevant paragraph in quotes.

This will do two things. 1, it will alert everyone at AA. If you take the time to alert he other Addicts, others will to and you will always be able to get news the instant that it breaks on AA. It all adds to the community and to the quality of the site.

2. It alerts me! Selfish as that may sound, the quicker I can find out about something, the quicker we can get it up on the main page.

If you find out about something first and you post it in the Addict Alerts! forum, you will get props on the main page. I always try to check to see if someone beat me to it so I can give credit where t is due.

It is up to you guys how successful this forum is. I hope you will take advantage of it.


The rumors section is the place for you to post things that aren’t really news. It is the place for wild speculation and what ifs among the community. This is a place without terribly strict rules for you all to just BS.
Say you heard from a friend that the Chiefs signed Jamarcus Russel and he came to practice and ate Matt Cassel and is now the starter but you can’t find it anywhere on the net. go ahead and throw it in the rumors section.

The rumors section has yet to see its first post. =( Go nuts in there.

Ask Merlin: The AA Draft Forum

AA staff writer Merlin is our resident NFL Draft guru. Merlin covers the Chiefs for Draft Tek and handles the Chiefs picks in all their mock drafts. If you have a question about the draft or certain players the Chiefs might take, ask Merlin!

Also, any and all draft related talk is welcome here. Merlin will be dropping in to chat it up with you and answer questions.

This forum has been used very well! Keep it up. It is never too early to talk prospects!

In closing, these forums are for you. If used properly and thoughtfully, they will make AA even more kick ass than it already is. I will be popping in and out looking for content and making sure the forums are used correctly.

If a new person drops by and puts something in the Addict Posts that should be an Addict Alert! or in the rumor section, I am counting on you regulars to kindly set them straight.

Thanks to everyone who has already been taking advantage of this new aspect of our site and I look forward to watching it grow. Most especially, I can’t wait to see some of your great work in the Addict Posts!

Thanks for reading this and GO CHIEFS!

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