Slow News Day Ramblings: Might An Edwards/Smith Platoon Be On The Way?

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Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets

Two new Chiefs: Thomas Jones and Shaun Smith. Photo Source:

It is dead out there today on the Chiefs news front. The most exciting news around the NFL has been more boring labor negotiation talk, bickering over retired player benefits (snore) and Ben Roethlisburger still being a dirtbag.Thank God for the NCAA Tournament which has been filled with excitement thus far. You can catch all the games just by launching the player we have right here on AA’s main page. K State is playing right now in case you didn’t already know.

On the Chiefs, I have been wondering and wondering all day about Shaun Smith. I have this weird feeling that the Chiefs aren’t going to draft a nose tackle. I know, crazy right?

More incoherent rambling and wild theories after the jump.

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