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Remember these guys? Sigh...

There have been plenty of those types of guys that have run through Arrowhead Stadium over the years. Few ever registered much of a blip on the radar screen because their sense of entitlement far exceeded their skill level. A guy like Dale Carter fit the picture, although some would say because of his background he didn’t really know that some of what he was doing was wrong. But there’s no doubt that he felt the rules didn’t apply to him. Only in the last year or so Carter has come to discover that what he did in his Kansas City career hurt himself and a lot of other people. Bam Morris and Tamarick Vanover would fall into that class as well. The Royals had their share too, guys like Willie Wilson and Willie Mays Aiken and the others hooked up in the drug scandal some 20-plus years ago.

Those are just a few that cracked the surface of jurisprudence. There are many others that didn’t break any laws, but their actions were just as despicable. There was one former Chiefs player who held an orgy at his home the night his first child was born. His wife and daughter were in the hospital and he and a few teammates were enjoying a wild night at the house. He felt entitled. Not surprisingly, he’s lived a troubled life to this day because his entitlements ran out with his ability to play the game.

I don’t feel sorry for him, nor do I feel sorry for Tiger. They knew better.

Monday Morning Grab Bag & Cup O’Chiefs 2/

Everything leading up to the Chiefs player acquisition phase of the 2010 offseason seems to revolve round the offensive tackle position. The heavy majority of “expert” mock drafts out there have the Chiefs selecting a left tackle with their fifth overall selection. The consensus isn’t “if,” but rather “who” when it comes to the Chiefs and selecting a tackle.

Generally, I’m a believer that when everyone thinks a certain way, the opposite typically occurs (or in essence, the masses are wrong). It’s the “group think” concept, so to speak. Which camp are you in when it comes to the Chiefs and the offensive tackle position?

Really, who knows how the Chiefs will address this position? There are only a handful of people who can say for certain (and that may even be a generous amount).

The fact is that if the Chiefs seek to tackle the tackle position (pun intended), there are number of paths available for travel. The draft is obviously one route, trades are another and free agency is a third. Let’s focus on the latter with free agency right around the corner


** These are more so what I think the Chiefs SHOULD do, and not necessarily what I think they WILL do**

1. Russell Okung (LT) While Brandon Albert seemed to do better in the last part of the season, I don’t think the Chiefs brass can afford to find out if it was an anomaly. Matt Cassell is being paid $60 million and he needs to be kept upright. There are various ways in which the Chiefs could shuffle around all of their linemen, but having too many is always better than having too few.

2a. Brandon Spikes (ILB) Some people are pushing to take Rolando McClain with the No. 5 pick, but Spikes is almost as good and will likely be available a round later. The value here is phenomenal for this kind of player. He’s not the fastest player but is a great overall football player, and has gotten the better of former Alabama LT Andre Smith when asked to blitz.

2b. Terrence Cody (NT) Cody’s stock is dropping like a rock, especially after the senior bowl weigh in pictures but I’m not worried about that a bit (as long as he takes a cue from Andre Smith and doesn’t run shirtless at the combine).

Sure, he may only be able to play 2 out of every 3 or 4 snaps, but on those snaps he is going to be the only thing on the minds of at least two offensive linemen. Not only that, but the Chiefs went into a 2-5 formation without a nose tackle on passing downs anyway, which makes this a match made in heaven.

3. Myron Rolle (SS) The question every GM will be asking him at the combine is whether he can commit to a career in the NFL. He showed that he is committed by still finding time to work out every day while attending Oxford this past year. He showed up to the Senior Bowl so ripped I thought he was going to pull a T.O. and start doing sit ups while talking to reporters.

Rolle is brilliant and has great instincts on the field. It may take him all of training camp to get him back running at football speed, but it will pay off in the long run and he should start week one.

2010 Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs (Scenario 2)-Bleacher Report

There haven’t been any indication the Kansas City Chiefs are interested in soon-to-be free agent Karlos Dansby. Then again, Dansby is under contract with the Arizona Cardinals so any interest expressed would be tampering.

Nevertheless, Mike Garafalo of the Newark Star-Ledger says the “number being thrown around” is $30 million.

In guaranteed dollars.

If Chiefs Are Interested, Dansby Could Cost $30 Million -Arrowhead Pride

While it’s a foregone conclusion that Cassel will be the Chiefs’ starting quarterback in 2010 and beyond, what about Brodie Croyle? What if things don’t work out the way they’ve been planned, and the Chiefs at some point actually need the player they drafted and groomed to be a starting quarterback?

This offseason, Croyle will attract interest from teams who have seen his powerful throwing arm and realize he’ll come cheap. There’s already been whispers that Chan Gailey wants Croyle in Buffalo.

Because the free-agent quarterback class isn’t all that great, Croyle could stick out like a sore thumb among the likes of the aging Daunte Culpepper and mediocre Rex Grossman. Of course, the Chiefs will have the chance to match offers from other teams due to Croyle’s status as a restricted free agent, but will they?

What About Brodie?-WPI

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