Are the Chiefs Set at Running Back?

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I don’t think the Chiefs need to waste any of their resources this off-season on a running back. They have Jamaal Charles. He is going to be getting 15-20 carries a game unless the running game gets totally shut down or the Chiefs fall way behind.

Most agree that the Chiefs need another back to help shoulder the load of carries and keep Charles fresh. I maintain, and have for some time, that the running backs the Chiefs have on the roster will do just fine.

I am a firm believer that 9 times out of 10, it is the blocking that makes a running back. Special cases, guys like Barry Sanders, can run behind any line. They are elusive and don’t need giant holes to break lose. Jamaal Charles appears to be that type of back. The Chiefs blocking didn’t magically get better during the second half of last season. Charles only needs a crease where most backs need a hole.

The Chiefs have Javaris Williams, Dantrell Savage, Kolby Smith and Jackie Battle as compliments. They are all young and talented backs. There is major injury concern with Smith and who knows if he will be brought back. However, I believe with better blocking up front, the Chiefs can spring holes for these guys.

Savage is a quick, elusive back cut from the same mold as Charles. He will be able to come in and run a lot of the tosses and sweeps Weis will implement to get Charles out in space. He showed promise last year and should be kept on the roster.

I think the answer to the “we need a big back for short yardage” problem is Jackie Battle. Battle is a big back brought in during the Herm Edwards era. Battle really isn’t a burner but with some decent blocking, he should be the perfect back for short yardage and goal line situations.

The Chiefs have way too many holes to fill on a position in which they already have a special starter and plenty of young talent. As long as they improve their blocking, there is no reason the back they currently have can’t be productive enough to spell Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs would be foolish to waste time on RB when they have backups starting at other positions.

Take a look at this clip of Jackie Battle from YouTube. Particularly the play where he pushes an entire defense into the endzone. His teammates come to his aid, but notice none of them are really behind the pile pushing. That is all Jackie.

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