The Blue Print: Fixing the Defense

Strap in, Addicts. I am going to give you my blue print for fixing the Chiefs defense in one season. I believe if the Chiefs follow my blue print for success, along with Romeo Crennel’s coaching, the Chiefs can have a top 10 defense as
early as next season. Let’s get started.

Fist let’s take a look at KC’s ascending players. These are players who are still young and who should improve with Crennel’s coaching and their furthered experience playing in the NFL. These are players who should hold on to their starting position and who do not need replacing.

DE Glenn Dorsey

DE Tyson Jackson

Dorsey and Jackson are going to be just fine. Mark my words. Dorsey is already fine, racking up over 50 tackles in his 2nd season in the league and his 1st season playing a new position. Before the dissenters start throwing out his sack totals, know that Glenn Dorsey was never a big sack guy, not even in college. Even when the Chiefs drafted him for the 4-3 they never expected him to put up big sack numbers. They wanted him to stuff the run and cause some pressure in the backfield. Dorsey did a good job of both last season. Does he need to improve his pass rush? Yes. The same goes for Jackson. However, it is important to remember that defensive lineman almost always take about 3 or 4 years to fully develop. Neither Dorsey, nor Jackson will ever be expected to put up huge sack totals playing in a 3-4. If they can work their way up to 4 or 5 a season and continue to improve vs. the run, they could be Pro Bowlers. The tools are there. Folks clamoring for the Chiefs to trade Dorsey are delusional.


He is the best Chiefs pass rusher and their best linebacker for that matter.

Derrick Johnson

His raw talent is undeniable. If Crennel can figure out how to use him he could stay and start.




The 1 and 2 CB positions and the FS position with Page are fine. Could the Chiefs upgrade on Carr and Page? Sure. Are they major weaknesses? No. Carr was better last season than he was in his rookie season. He may eventually be moved to the Nickel but it isn’t necessary now. He is ascending and is only starting his 3rd season.

Thus we’ve identified the Chiefs major weaknesses.


Here is what the Chiefs need to do.

Free Agency:

#1. Sign Julius Peppers to play OLB.

Do NOT sign Vince Wilfork.

Look, Wilfork will probably be franchised anyway. He is getting up there and years and the Chiefs are building for the long term. They are in a position, with 2 second round draft picks, to snag themselves a very good, if not the best NT in the draft. No matter who plays NT for the Chiefs next season, they won’t be getting a lot of sacks. The Chiefs need to create more pressure. You can’t imagine the difference having another serious pass rushing threat will have on the Chiefs defense. Right now, teams can put all their focus on Hali. If he can’t get it done, no one else is a big time threat. Peppers changes everything and can probably give the Chiefs 3 years of high level play. He is 10 times more valuable than Vrabel. 5 times more valuable than Wilfork.

#2. Draft Rolando McClain

I don’t care how they do it. Draft him with the 5th pick or trade back and draft him there. Whatever they do, the Chief need to have an intimidating top level MLB if they are going to be playing a 3-4 defense. Williams and Mays are good backups but they are too small to be every down players in a 3-4. If Crennel can coach up DJ, the Chiefs should be excellent at LB.

#3. Draft a NT in the 2nd round.

Wilfork would be great but the Chief can’t afford to pay both him and Peppers. Plus the Chiefs should get cohesion on their defensive line as soon as possible. If they take a top tier DT to play their NT positions, the Chiefs could be 2 or 3 years away from having one of the best defensive lines in the league. If they follow my blue print they will have 2 top 5 picks at the ends and an early 2nd round pick at the nose. They will be set on the line for a decade, possibly longer.

Note: Already, the Chiefs have only used their first 2 draft picks and made one free agency signing and the defensive front 7 is totally transformed.

#4. Address the strong safety position.

The Chiefs can do this a couple of different ways. They can either spend one of their 2nd round picks on a SS or they can nab one through trade or free agency. I believe they should go with the latter. I don’t want to see the Chiefs use their first 3 picks all on defense. If they do everything I say up to this point, they will be solid on D at every position except SS, thus the need for a spectacular SS would decrease somewhat because they will be so good up front. That doesn’t mean I want to see Mike Brown back there again. The Chiefs should trade or sign a SS free agent who is young and at least average so that he has the chance to grow into their defense. There is no need to spend a boatload of money here. They can always sign the SS to a short contract and replace him if he doesn’t work out. The Chiefs could go after OJ Atogwe from the Rams, who was injured last year and last I checked, still doesn’t have a long-term deal. The Rams may be reluctant to sign him coming off his injury and the Chiefs could swoop in. This is my favorite move. Other possibilities could be Sean Jones from the Eagles or Dawan Landry from the Ravens, though eh will be restricted if there is no CBA. Following this strategy enables the Chiefs to throw Matt Cassel and the Chiefs offense a bone in the 2nd round by drafting an offensive weapon, most likely a receiver. Golden Tate would be good here as he is a product of Weiss. I’ll address the offensive blue print later in the week.

In review:

This is what the Chiefs defense could look like next season if they follow my blue print. Keep in mind that Cody and Atogwe are just examples. Though I would like Atogwe, I have reservations about Cody.

Jackson      Cody      Dorsey
Peppers           McClain        Johnson           Hali
Flowers                                                                                     Carr
Atogwe                              Page

Now I think that looks like a pretty bad ass defense. I am sure many of you will heartily disagree with my plan. That’s good though. We love to debate here at AA!

Sounf off, Addicts!

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