Petition Circulated to Keep LJ From Breaking Holmes Record

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A petition is being circulated to keep LJ off the field in order to preserve the integrity of the current rushing record.

Proportedly, 10,000 signatures have been secured so far.

If you have an interest in signing the petition, you can access it at:

Personally, I must say that though I can find very little to agree with Herm Edwards about, the one common ground is that you do indeed “play to win the game”.  This includes the artificial manupulation of onfield achievements.  The one thing the petition does prove in my mind is that KC fans are a bunch that values integrity over “winning at any cost”, and I hope that never changes.

I say LJ should be kept off the field if the punishment fits the crime, but not simply to preserve the record for one of the NFL’s all time greatest talents and all around nice guys Priest Holmes.

What do you think AA’s? Preserve the record or preserve the “play to win the game” mentality?

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