Chiefs At Washington...A Postgame Examination

My girl and I sat on her couch eating Mexican food and watching the pregame. She had her Tony G. jersey on and eventually convinced her to change to a Larry Johnson, I just can’t get past the hard feelings I still hold for Tony.

As the game progressed, I watched with interest, but I wasn’t well GLUED to the TV like I usually am. The half was relaxing, she showed me some stuff she had bought at the crafts festival in Arkansas the day before, and when the game resumed, we paid attention but talked about other things. We laughingly ordered up a couple of “KC Strips” and joked that our order was served well done when the Chiefs got the good end of a couple of fumbles.

When the game ended, I had a very warm sense of satisfaction, but I wasn’t cheering and punching the air like I was when we beat Oakland so many months ago back in 2008.

If you don’t care how I spent my afternoon, I don’t blame you. But stick with me Addicts, I am trying to make a point. The point is,  for several hours post game I couldn’t figure both of our luke warm reactions to a much needed much anticipated, much hoped for KC win.

But now I know.

This was a win I expected.

This was not a game I went into with hope. Not a game I dreaded for days, not a  game I planned excuses for the day before the shit went down.

This was different. This was a plan coming together.

The Oakland, Denver, and even the preseason Chicago win of 2008, well they were fun but more like buying a lottery ticket. Unlike the Oakland and Denver Lotto’s, the game today was a paycheck at the end of a week of hard satisfying work.

Addicts, we really really are going in the right direction.

We have a quarterback that with proper protection can make a play when we need it. Sure he has work to do but how can anyone expect consistency when you got Ray Lewis and Jared Allen types waiting to make you a notch on their belt. In my opinion Matt is the guy we want taking the snaps for years to come. We got him!

Our GM? Well the team needs much work, no doubt about it, but we have a man at the helm that really seems to try to fix a problem when it rears its ugly head. The guy has a real resume, credibility that in my opinion Carl Peterson never came close to having.

Our head coach? Well Haley probably isn’t a player favorite like Herm “The Worm” Edwards was, but when you think about it, your favorite teacher in high school probably was not the one you learned the most from. And in my opinion you can’t argue the successes that Haley brings to the table as well.

Next weekend, I mentioned, I’m skipping the home game and going fishing, but its not because of frustration at a rudderless ship of a team I blew ticket money on in years past, its because, well I want to go fishing.

I’ll be leaving my team and my stadium in good hands I say, and I have that same old expectation that I might come home to the news of a KC win.

Just my opinion Addicts, I might be treading in that same old sickening hopeless feeling in a couple of weeks but I don’t think so.

In the mean time I’ll be logging onto AA for some more of that much needed optimism mixed with hard hitting reality that we all can depend on to keep those KC hats on our heads.

What do you think Addicts? A lucky scratch off ticket or a well deserved, well earned win???!?!?!?

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