Keep It Simple Stupid: Gain Positive Yards

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When you cannot muster the big win, you have to start savoring the little victories. Winning the little battles usually means winning the war. It all starts with the little things, even as little as gaining just one yard.

It is obvious to all that this Offense needs to learn to walk again; (baby steps if you will). We need to win one play at a time. Todd Haley has been “spotlighting” that this week. In his last press conference he focused on eliminating the negative plays. Haley says that the Chiefs lead the league in negative yardage plays and you cannot win that way. Every play must be for a positive gain. I know that statement sounds so obvious that it is moronic, but I expect as a result of Haley’s statement that there will be no more reverses, shotgun draws, screens, risky plays, and the like on first and second down. I expect to see this weekend lots of runs straight up the gut, or off tackle, on first and second down, maybe some quick slants/passes too, all in an effort to set up shorter third downs.

Haley knows, based upon our last four games, that we have no chance when we are third and ten, third and fifteen, etc. Haley also knows that his Defense cannot help them if they are on the field all day. This weekend the offense will be focusing on improving its third down conversion rate by eliminating the negative yards. So when you see on first and second down runs up the middle, or off tackle, for one or two yards, don’t scream and yell, (like I normally do). Haley is just trying to get some positive yards in order to convert those third downs and teach his offense how to walk again.

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