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The Griefs: Chiefs, Rams Should Merge For Rest Of 2009

The first four weeks have been a nightmare for Missouri pro football teams. Collectively they are 0-8, and among these defeats the Rams have been shutout twice and the Chiefs have lost to the Raiders at home. Missouri is in a state of misery! What is the answer? Let’s take a look back in history for an insight and maybe the answer to this disaster of a season.

In 1943, America was at war and the NFL was close to losing two of its famed franchises — the Eagles and the Steelers. Left with only 6 players on his roster, Art Rooney called Lex Thompson, the owner of the Eagles. Rooney suggested that the 6 Steelers merge with the 16 Eagles left on their roster. After much coercion, Thompson agreed only if the team remained the Eagles and played the majority of its games in Philadelphia.

Next the league had to agree to the merger. Ultimately, it did with the stipulation the the merger be dissolved at the end of the season and the team not be eligible for the playoffs.T he team had co-head coaches, Walt Kiesling and Greasy Neale, and finished 5-4-1. Along the way the team became known as the Steagles and help save Pro Football in Pennsylvania.

Such is the case now in Missouri. While our country is currently at war in Afghanistan, some would suggest that neither the Chiefs nor Rams have the full complement of NFL players. Furthermore, Arrowhead is under renovation and Rams officials constantly complain about the Edward Jones Dome as being an unworthy home. The answer? Combine the two franchises for the rest of the year.

Play half the remaining games in each city and play half of each team’s remaining schedule. Vacated games would count as a forfeit (they basically are anyway) and allow the opposition another bye weak. By agreeing to the temporary merger, both fan bases might have the opportunity to savor victory this year. Hell, Steve Spagnuolo could coach the defense and Todd Haley could helm the offense.

I suggest the the new team be named the Griefs. “R” for the Rams, “iefs” for the Chiefs and “G” for Georgia Frontieri, the late owner of the Rams.

Think about it. A team with a chance to be competitive, to actually win a game. A novel concept!

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