Chiefs Still Paying For Herm's Expendable Draft Picks


While watching last week’s Chiefs-Ravens game, I had an epiphany. I saw Maurice Leggett get burned for probably 300 of the 500 yards the Chiefs surrendered filling in for Brandon Flowers. He got beat like Pee Wee Herman’s meat in a movie theater. Like Chris Brown’s next girlfriend. I saw the right side of our offensive get demolished. I saw Mark Bradley underrun pivotal third down routes. I saw Glenn Dorsey look like Glenn Close.

But it was what I didn’t see that explained the final score in yet another loss — Herm Edwards’ draft picks.

The Expendables is an upcoming Sly Stallone action flick that features tough guys like Ah-nold, Couture, Jet Li, Lundgren, Statham, Stone Cold, Rourke and Willis. I’m really looking forward to the flick. At the same time, it reminds me of the Chiefs 2006-08 draft selections — another set of expendables.

The best thing you can say about the drafts of the Harmageddon era is that at least there were no first-round busts…we think. Dwayne Bowe was an excellent first-round pick, or at least has been so far. But Tamba Hali was almost written off before coming on at his new position, outside linebacker, and Dorsey has been underwhelming so far for a top-five pick.

Second-round picks? Not so good. Sure, Flowers was a good pick. But he barely slipped into the second-round and once there was a no-brainer, especially when Edwards was a former defensive back. He better be able to pick D-backs. Edwards and Co. missed on the two other picks, Bernard Pollard and Turk McBride. Sure, I’m a huge B.P. guy, but if he really was so great why hasn’t anyone signed him? As for McBride, Gunther Cunningham and the Lions signed him. I think Eddie Freeman and Junior Siavii could play for that team. Ol’ Gun probably even called them up.

Third-rounders? Not any better. The Brodie Croyle project cost this franchise at least two years. Tank Tyler looked good last week at nose tackle, but up until this point he has been average at best. I doubt he’s the long-term answer there. And the triumvirate of Brad Cottam, DaJuan Morgan and Jamaal Charles hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

It gets even worse from there on out in the later rounds. There is hardly any actual “talent” left on the roster that Herm and his regime imported during his three years running the pow wow at Arrowhead. I think we all need to accept this. I’m not sure if it was Hard Knocks or the homer in each of us that got us so fired up about some of these guys, but we, myself included, need to face the facts. We just wanted something to look forward to, when there really wasn’t anything there. We let Herm and King Carl Peterson burn our cash on clunkers, then sell them to us as stars and steals when most were neither.

This weekend when the Chiefs play the much-improved Raiders, I want you to remember that the Pioli Trinity inherited a cupboard that was bare. Meanwhile, the Raiders have stockpiled talent through the draft and even free agency and trades, two other areas where the Harmegeddon era failed us. Don’t give me crap about the new Chiefs’ brass unloading Tony Gonzalez either. After all he’s given us, wouldn’t you want out and a real chance to win after the past two years? Because of Harmageddon, he was never going to get that during his prime in Kansas City. The only way we could’ve tortured the poor guy worse was if we waterboarded him.

If the Raiders were starting  Jeff Garcia instead of JaMarcus Russell, I’d be real worried. With FatMarcus starting, I’m just concerned. At the same time, I’m encouraged. No way Harm could have taken the Chiefs up to Baltimore on opening weekend and been in that sucker late into the fourth quarter. It would have looked more like the Rams’ trip to the Grunge capitol.

Against all odds, Todd Haley found a way to keep his Chiefs competitive. He will continue to do so despite a lack of overall talent on the roster thanks to “you know who.” So, don’t point fingers at him or Pioli. Not this season. No different than the mess Dub-ya left up in D.C., this one in K.C. is going to take a while to clean up, too. We’re just lucky we found the guys who can bring us back from Harmageddon.

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