Whitlock's Jeff George Man-Crush Just Won't Die

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Jason Whitlock wrote his recent piece on Matt Cassel owing Randy Moss for his contract just so he could throw around Jeff George’s name a few times. I’m 100% convinced and nobody will be able to be able to talk me down. I even think Big Sexy’s passion for the Georgester trumps his love of both Gates’ ribs and The Wire (Two things that, unlike George, deserve the affection…the latter spoofed above. I give Jason “Bunk,” even though he looks more like “Prop Joe.”). We haven’t seen a man-crush like this since Stan wrote that letter to Eminem.

Screw that he laughably called Moss “arguably the greatest football player of our lifetime,” ignoring guys like Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor in the process. Guys who carried their original teams to championships, instead of not even being able to win one after joining a dynasty. That all gets lost in the shuffle after you see him namedrop J.G. twice. George hasn’t played a tick of the clock since 2001. The only way he’s getting into the Hall of Fame is with a ticket, and given all the bridges he burned in the NFL that might not even work. None of that matters to Jason.  He mentions George more on a monthly basis than both the mainstream media and blogosphere do combined. Hell, I’m not sure ESPN is as obsessed with a certain No. 4 as Whitlock is with the former mulleted maniac.

As far as Whitlock’s comments on Cassel, those are off base, too. He fails to mention how Brady also rode the bench in both college and the pros before he blossomed when the Pro Bowler in front of him went down with an injury. He fails to mention that guys like Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Kerry Collins, Chad Pennington and, yes, even Daunte Culpepper all had more college or pro experience (usually both) than Cassel did when they inherited Moss as their primary target. Cassel also did a much better job of finding Moss deep late in the season. Also, it’s hard to throw the long ball when you get sacked 47 effin’ times. At least Whitlock refrained from calling Cassel the next Scott Mitchell, like fellow M&M-bodied talking head Jamie Dukes has recently.

Regardless, I’m not sure how seriously Whitlock even thought over what he wrote about Cassel and Moss, or if he even cared how those sentiments went over with readers. His real objective here was to ramble about his boyhood friend turned boy toy Jeff George. Jason, you can have your man crush. That’s fine. But from here on out keep your BFF in the closet. This is turning into a PDA situation, and nobody likes that. Maybe you two should get a room? I hear the InterContinental down on the Plaza is nice.

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