Who Is Rufus Dawes?

“Our march yesterday was terribly severe. The sun was like a furnace, and the dust thick and suffocating. Many a poor fellow marched his last day yesterday. Several men fell dead on the road. Our boys have all come through so far, accepting the hardships as a matter of course, and remaining cheerful and obedient I assure you I feel proud of them.”

Lt. Colonel Rufus R. Dawes, Ten miles from Leesburg, VA. June 19, 1863

Rufus R. Dawes (July 4, 1838 to August 2, 1899) was a military officer in the United States Army during the American Civil War. He was noted for his service in the Iron Brigade, particularly during the Battle of Gettysburg. The Iron Brigade was noted for its strong discipline, its unique uniform appearance, and its tenacious fighting ability, the Iron Brigade suffered the highest percentage of casualties of any brigade in the war.

bob_mooreOur Rufus Dawes is no general and I do not know why this pen name was chosen. As you are all aware, our Rufus Dawes has been the Kansas City Chiefs’ “media watchdog” that rebuts, or mitigates, any negative media or fan opinion, sentiment, and comment via the Chiefs website. Throughout the years I have always assumed that Rufus Dawes was Carl Petersen. He admittedly loved to read the newspapers and websites, and I am sure he did not appreciate all that he read. He needed and/or wanted a medium in which to address the truths and lies that appeared in the media. However, since Mr. Petersen’s firing on December 15, 2008, Rufus Dawes has authored another nine (9) articles. (The earliest archived article was published on March 19, 1998). Mr. Petersen is long gone and it is now safe to assume that he was not Rufus Dawes. So who is?

Since we have completely overhauled the administration and coaching staff (save Denny Thum), I presume that Rufus Dawes is in the public relations department. By process of elimination one can easily rule out Brad Kubhander (Manager of Football Information) and Josh Looney (Public Relations Coordinator) since they were hired after Rufus Dawes began penning articles. That leaves Bob Moore (Director of Public Relations) and Pete Morris (Associate Director of Public Relations) both of whom have been with the Chiefs for twenty (20) years and fifteen (15) years respectively. However, Pete Morris has only been the Associate Director for the last eight (8) years. Rufus Dawes began writing in 1998 (eleven years ago). Therefore it is reasonable to assume that Bob Moore is and has always been Rufus Dawes, or at the very least the creator of Rufus Dawes.

Bob Moore denied the he was Dawes back in 2001 (see the link below). However, Mr. Moore went on to say that: “I find it interesting that people who criticize don’t like to be criticized,” and “as long as people are reading it, as long as it is correct and in good taste, why shouldn’t we run it?”.

I will tell you why: no one is reading it, it is not in good taste, and it is akin to whining. The articles also have an elitist sentiment to them which is insulting to most fans. Rufus Dawes is the antithesis of how the new general manager, Scott Pioli, operates. Media and fans should have a right to comment, in any manner, in regards to their favorite team. The fact that the team responds seems juvenile.

Bob Moore would have been wise to have retired Rufus Dawes upon the firing of Petersen. Petersen would have been the perfect scapegoat. Instead, the finger is clearly pointing right at him. Am I wrong?

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