Wake Up, Chiefs Nation: Larry Johnson Is Done In K.C.

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There is one thing about many Chiefs fans that drives me absolutely crazy. I’m sure others who cover the Chiefs — Chris Thorman, Jason Whitlock, Kent Babb, Merlin, Nick Athan, etc…. — get frustrated by it, too. I’m sure it’s not just us bloggers and writers either. I imagine that realistic Chiefs fans often get annoyed by the rampant homerism as well. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the fact that Chiefs fans often, to quote Jack Nicholson, “can’t handle the truth.”

They refuse to look at their team’s roster through anything except a Red-and-Gold-colored prism. This is why guys like Brodie Croyle, Jeff Webb, Kris Wilson and Samie Parker got defended for way longer than they should have. This is why I coined the phrase “earn your Arrowhead” (and, ironically enough, Todd Haley is essentially using that very concept with his players).

Speaking of earn your Arrowhead, L.J. has lost his. Permanently if you ask me.

Look, I want the Chiefs to be good just as desperately as you all do. But if I didn’t come on here and tell you what I thought was the honest truth, nobody would read this site. I’m telling you right now that Larry Johnson is all but done in Kansas City.

We’ve seen this in Oakland with Randy Moss. We’ve seen this in Indiana with Ron Artest. The Big Apple with guys like Plaxico and Starbury. Beantown with Manny. We’ve reached the point of no return with L.J. I’m convinced he’s worn out his welcome and that bridge can no longer be mended. And that’s before you consider that he is likely damaged goods with a suspension looming. These things never work out well. Trust me.

Look, L.J. is only desperately trying to save his career at this point. I’ve always said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, especially a diva of an old dog with a chip on his shoulder bigger than pal Jay-Z’s bank account. He’s not going to become Thomas Jones in pass protection out of the blue. He’s not going to all of a  sudden magically transform into Reggie Bush as a pass catcher. He’s not going to stop resenting the Chiefs franchise and its fans, along with the rest of Kansas City.

If Larry Johnson resurrects his career, it will be somewhere else. I doubt he can at this point, by the way. He’s about as wanted as Matt Jones and Travis Henry are nowadays. In fact, I’m not so sure he’s not just still on the roster as trade bait. There’s no real rush to cut him. None at all. And Larry would still show up even if he had a feeling he was going to get cut. He’s auditioning for the rest of the NFL as we speak, practicing his Carlito Brigante “ya Honor, I’m a changed man” speech in the mirror every night.

So, when I say Edgerrin James would be a cheaper, better fit for the 2009 Chiefs than Larry Johnson, it’s not because I’m stupid. It’s because it’s the truth. I can handle it. Can you?

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