We Don't Need DE Sack Machines

Alright, enough is enough! Settle down and take a deep breath.

As Chiefs fans, we have been exposed to a 4-3 defense for years. We expect the majority of our sacks to come from the defensive ends. We have always expected speed guys to come off the edge and get to the quarterback. Defensive end Jared Allen spoiled us with his double digit sacks and rope tying antics. Well I have some news. Don’t expect that any longer, because that is not the type of defense you are going to see.

Can you imagine if Richard Seymour, Ty Warren, or even Vince Wolfork were sitting there at our #3 pick this weekend, wouldn’t we all be jumping for joy? We have all heard the media and commentators salivate over and praise these successful players for the last couple of years. The above players were big contributors to the Patriots Super Bowl title(s). However, their importance to their team is not derived from sacks. Don’t believe me?

The great Richard Seymour has never had more than 8 sacks in a year. (He has played for eight seasons and only completed 16 games twice). He averages only 4.875 sacks a year. Ty Warren has never had more than 7.5 sacks a year. Over six seasons he has averaged only 3.25 sacks a year. Vince Wolfork has never had more than two sacks a year, and over 5 seasons has averaged only 1.5 sacks a season. (In Vince’s second season (2005) he only had 0.5 sacks). Moreover, all of them had six sacks combined in 2005 and still won the Superbowl that year. Are you getting my point?

As you can see, these valuable contributors do not produce huge sack numbers. They are big tall bodies that can stop the run and take on the offensive lineman to free up the linebackers who will do most of the damage. With Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee the Chiefs got exactly what they wanted and needed. Pioli should be commended for selecting the best players available while balancing need? Without Jackson and Magee we would not be able to run the new defense effectively. It all starts with the line.

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