Andre Smith To The Chiefs? What!?!?

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Offensive tackle Andre Smith could go to the Kansas City Chiefs today.

Yes, I actually just wrote that. Crazy, I know. But is it really that crazy?

Steve Wyche came on the NFLN last night and said that Smith will not slip past the Bengals at No. 6. Apparently, teams are starting to chalk up his late-season and combine mishaps to immaturity — not an attitude problem. Apparently, he has awed teams in his workouts and interviewed well after screwing up his combine. If that is true, could Andre Smith be the best player in this draft? I’m not saying he is, but before he got in trouble before Alabama’s bowl game a lot of people would have labeled him just that.

Then again, I can’t go on without mentioning that this could just be another case of the Bengals ignoring serious character concerns.

Then again, Scott Pioli has never been afraid of making up his own mind when it comes to prospects, both bucking consensus and convention. He’s also taken on divas like Corey Dillon and Randy Moss in the past, confident the Patriot Pioli Way would whip them into shape. Maybe he feels the same way about Smith?

Hey, I acknowledge that it’s a longshot — but there is a shot. Since nobody’s talking about it, I wanted to throw it out there. That way if Andre Smith is the third pick none of you will go into cardiac arrest. Hopefully, anyway.

I handicap Andre Smith at 20-1.

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