Christmas In April: The Chiefs And The Draft

I guess I have always been intrigued by the draft. I remember in 1978 when the draft was held on a Tuesday afternoon calling the K.C. Star all afternoon until I found out the chiefs had drafted Art Still out of Kentucky with the number two pick of the draft. That was before ESPN, the NFL Network and Mel Kiper.

Perhaps because it is almost like Christmas in April, opening packages that have been neatly wrapped under the tree. Or perhaps it is like finally getting a date with the good looking girl in your English class. It’s suspense, drama and the unexpected. The thrill of victory and the potential agony of defeat!

The Chiefs through the years have had both. They hit a grand slam in 89 with Derrick Thomas and struck out a year later with Percy Snow. They have hit homers with offensive tackles (John Tait and John Alt) and also struck out there (Trezelle Jenkins). It seems every position — as I reviewed the Chiefs’ first-round history going back to their first draft pick E.J. Hollub to the present — has had its successes and flops.

But what about this Saturday? I keep hearing about the athleticism of Aaron Curry. Yet he is not what is considered an impact position linebacker (i.e. pass rusher). Would it be wiser to pick a left tackle who could give future quarterbacks valuable protection for 10-12 years. Or do we take a chance that Michael Crabtee is the real deal?

It seems to me as a student of the draft that when you reach or project a player to develop you set yourself up for failure. At this juncture, the Chiefs have a plethora of holes to fill. As a result I would either trade down for additional  (not likely) or pick the player with the greatest potential to play for 8-10-12 years — an offensive left tackle. If I were the Chiefs, I’d select either Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith come this Saturday, and do so with a great deal of confidence.

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