Chiefs/Pats, Part Deux. Trading Down

I am generally rough on fans that say ‘oh, just trade down in the draft, then you can pick players X,Y and Z. Isn’t that great!’ Like trading down from a top five pick is easy to do. It’s not easy at all. Any trade has to benefit both teams. If you can’t come up with a fair trade and a compelling reason for the other team to make that trade, just leave the trade idea in fantasy land. That’s where it belongs.

Having said that, there is a trade down scenario that just might work, thanks to the recent trade for Cassel and Vrabel. That is the Chiefs trade pick #3 for Pat picks #23, #34, #47 and #58. It doesn’t work out exact on the trade chart. The Chiefs would give up 2200 points and get back 2070 points. It’s fairly close and could be tweaked with something like a Pat’s 4th round pick for our 5th round pick added to the trade.

I do think this trade is quite in the realm of possibility if a certain player is available at #3. So, if it happens it may very well happen on draft day with the Chiefs on the clock. I’ll cover the likely player later.

Why would the Chiefs make this trade? The Chiefs lose out on an elite talent like Curry or Monroe but gain four picks in the top 58. We could fill a lot of holes with those players. Just off the top of my head, we could end up with a crop such as: Laurinatis, Unger, Brace and Kruger. That looks good from a Chief perspective.

From a Patriot perspective, why give up all those picks? The Pats could fill many needs on an aging team and not have to pay huge money for those players. Well, they may just sit tight. However, with a recovering Tom Brady and an aging Randy Moss, they may be thinking of supercharging themselves for another set of Super Bowl runs. This means adding Michael Crabtree. From the Pat’s perspective, I love Crabtree. Yes, I don’t like him for the Chiefs, but I love him for the Patriots. An offense with a healthy Tom Brady throwing to Moss, Welker and Crabtree? Frankly, it’s sickening to think about it. It would instantly make the Patriots Super Bowl favorites for the next 2-3 years. As much as I love defense, if Tom Brady has time to throw, I don’t know how you stop that offense. It painful to consider, that’s why I can see the Patriots pulling the trigger on that deal.

OK Addicts, have at it. Reasonable trade? Do you make it? I would, as much as I would hate to see Crabtree in a Pats uniform.

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