What's The Frequency, Jack?


The whole media-chasing-its-tail thing we’ve witnessed over the past few weeks which featured the likes of Jack Harry, Chris Mortenson, Adam Schefter, Nick Athan, Mike Florio, Jason Whitlock, and on and on got me to thinking. Is it possible that Pioli, et al was simply introducing the media to the new regime’s version of The Art of War? There seems to be some evidence for thinking so.

Exhibit A: Jack Harry’s blathering “scoop” on Shanahan’s imminent arrival which was subsequently regurgitated by Chris Mortensen and a few others. The first thing I have to ask is  specifically who at One Arrowhead took on the role of Deep Throat for old Jackie boy? Seriously, Harry was 1000% convinced this was going down and that he had the exclusive on it – hook, line, and sinker.

Other than the void exposed in JH’s journalistic talents and his usual buffoonery, there may be something further to be gleaned from this episode and ensuing events.  In light of that news catastrophy, one has to wonder how and why he was bestowed with the privilege of landing a much touted (though totally non-substantive) 12-minute “exclusive” with Clark Hunt shortly thereafter?

Something tells me these two episodes were not mere coincidence. If I were to guess, I would say that the quid pro quo for Harry’s “exclusive” with Hunt (and perhaps his hope for any future interviews?) came at the expense of Harry having to deliver his source(s) on the Shanahan story. Seriously, what other explanation can there be? And to go completely Grassy Knoll on y’all, my nose tells me that this Shanny story was plain ol’ dis-information deliberately leaked to find out who could be trusted within the organization — and to make an example of the rat. Attaboy Jack.

As I am sure we all know, Pioli comes from an organization where loyalty and secrecy are considered paramount and where the media gets involved pretty much only when the information being presented in some way furthers the Patriots’ organizational interests. Think about it; the wrong information can compromise important things like player negotiations, ticket sales, game day strategy, and sometimes even first-round draft picks (see spygate). Conversely, being selective about what information you release to the media and choosing when you let them be your megaphone can be a very cost-effective form of marketing.

Not exactly “embedded media” but maybe you get the picture.

What’s your take on this Addicts? Do you consider “Hannibal” Pioli’s Silence For The Fans approach an effective strategy?

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