AA Greeting: Delayed

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That’s my status right now. I’m stuck waiting for a plane at the San Francisco airport, as my original flight was cancelled. Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between being delayed and being lost, stranded or stuck.

The reason I bring up my current predicament is because it’s very similar to the Chiefs situation right now.

Chiefs fans aren’t used to change. We’ve had four head coaches, one promoted from within, and one general manager during the past two decades. Chiefs fans also aren’t used to the cloak of secrecy which current veils the plans of the Pioli Trinity.

Things have felt delayed for a number of reasons.

Both Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli have demonstrated that they prefer a methodical approach when it comes to personnel moves, or at least major ones.

Free agency is still a week and a half away.The combine is just now kicking off.

Todd Haley. The long courtship process with Scott Pioli really narrowed down the field to Haley, which I think was the best thing that could have happened to us, really. With Haley involved in the Super Bowl, he just became available to start working on filling out his staff with Pioli. Thing is, almost all the coaching vacancies in the NFL have been filled at this point.

That being said, what’s the rush? There is none. With Haley and Pioli doing the scouting, there’s no need to rush to hire coordinators just to have them at the combine. Instead, we should take our time and make sure we get the best available coaches for Haley’s system.

But what about us Addicts, right? What the hell are we supposed to do in the meantime?

My suggestion: don’t read too much into the rumors and enjoy playing mock GM. After all, it isn’t very often that the Chiefs have a rebuilding project spearheaded by the hottest football exec in the game, who’s armed with some heavy, heavy artillery – the No. 3 overall pick and an estimated $40-plus million in cap space.

Sounds like a perfect time for a new Blueprint, right? Well, not exactly. I’m waiting on the combine and also to see which free agents get franchise tagged.

I do think one thing we should do for certain is re-sign Jarrad Page. Rudy “I’d Rather Have Sean Astin’s Rudy” Niswanger can hit the road if you ask me.

Now that Anquan Boldin has all but forced a trade, I also think we have to explore that option. Boldin is 28, knows Haley’s system and would fit in well playing alongside Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez. Pioli is also the mastermind who imported two all-world receivers in one offseason – Randy Moss and Wes Welker – without exporting a first-round pick. At the worst he’d give up a future first.

Acquiring Boldin would allow us to pass on drafting Michael Crabtree. I love Crabtree, as you all know, but I hear he might slip a bit, depending on whether he can run his 40 or not, and how he runs it if he runs. I still believe he’s a sure thing, but here’s what I’m thinking. If nobody else is going to pick him before No. 7, then why pick and pay him at No. 3? It’s the same situation as Aaron Curry.

Then you look at both the lack of a dominant defensive end and the depth at the offensive tackle position in this draft class, and scratch your head. I mean, are we really going to get No. 3 value at No. 3 unless we draft a quarterback? And why would we draft a quarterback when we could trade the pick for Matt Cassel, a much safer bet? Cassel is already getting paid like a top-five pick by the shrewdest organization in football – there’s a damn good chance he’s worth it.

Even if we did have to give up our first-round pick this year and next to get Boldin and Cassel – and that’s the worst-case scenario, because I think Larry Johnson and a package of other picks can prevent that from happening in one of the deals, probably the New England one – I still think it would be smart. I think we’d get two Pro Bowl-caliber guys who are necessities in Haley’s high-octane offense, allowing us to focus on the defensive side of the ball and our offensive line during free agency and the draft.Comparatively speaking, worth the picks and worth the price.

Of course, all of this is contingent on Boldin and Haley being able to get along, and Pioli being completely sold on Cassel, who he once drafted.

I also think our big two free agent targets should be Bart Scott and Terrell Suggs. Baltimore probably can’t keep them both and all their other free agents (ahem, Ray Lewis).

Consider this a mini-Blueprint, as things could change with the combine, franchise designations, etc. For now, enjoy the layover and remember that the Chiefs are going to take flight, and soon. For now, however, things are delayed.

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