AA Greeting: The Pioli Trinity

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We’ve all heard their tracks records. We’ve all heard the praise ad nauseum (much of it coming from yours truly). Now, they’ve been branded MLB — Money, Looks and Brains. Well, while they certainly are that, if they remain just that this is never going to amount to anything.

They will need to become something more in order to fully turn our Chiefs around.

They will need to become The Pioli Trinity.

Clark H.

Holy Pioli

Todd the God

  • Clark H. is not Holy Pioli
  • Clark H. is not Todd the God
  • Holy Pioli is not Clark H.
  • Holy Pioli is not Todd the God
  • Todd the God is not Clark H.
  • Todd the God is not Holy Pioli

But rather…

  • Clark H. is the Chiefs
  • Holy Pioli is the Chiefs
  • Todd the God is the Chiefs

Three persons in unity in one Arrowhead.

I think they can pull this off, primarily because of new GM Scott Pioli. He has quickly forged a strong working relationship with owner Clark Hunt, while he has long had a strong football bond with new coach Todd Haley.

Last season, we had an owner, coach and GM who all had their own ideologies. Hunt seemed eager to win, quietly embarrassed by his franchise’s newfound futility. Head coach Herm Edwards seemed determined to milk the “youth” excuse gravy train for as long as he possibly could. Carl Peterson seemed determined to cover his own ass, as usual, and remain entrenched in power.

King Carl and Harm were removed for putting themselves above the old Trinity. Good  G.D. riddance (forgive me, father, for I have sinned).

Now, there is a new Trinity. I’m not religious, but I’ve long said that Arrowhead is my church. On Sundays, I visit my church and celebrate. If I can’t make it to the actual church, I roll with televangelism, compliments of DirecTV. As a member of the congregation of Arrowhead, I must say that where the last Trinity seemed phony, this one seems divine.

Clark H., the son of the man whom the AFC Championship trophy is named after. After father Lamar’s death, whispers of a propecy emerged. A propecy that his son, Clark H., would arise and come back to save us all.

Holy Pioli, the son-in-law of a coaching god, the one and only Bill Parcells. The right hand man of another coaching god, Bill Belichick. A man the rest of the league has praised with religious fervor for much of this decade.

Todd the God, the son of a scouting legend, Dick Haley, who helped forge some of the greatest Steelers teams of all time back in the 70s. He never played football, but somehow the game, and especially coaching and scouting it, has possessed his soul, much like “the Holy Spirit.”

None of these men are 33, but they are all relatively close. They are currently being exalted by the media, but at times they will be stoned and even crucified. When that happens, they will have to turn the other cheek and continue on their path. I believe these men can do just that. Where King Carl and Harm seemed to be mostly concerned with self-preservation, these men seem consumed with one thing — the salvation of Chiefs Nation.

From this day forth, let them be known as The Pioli Trinity. Our football salvation is in their hands, and I, for one, feel secure in that. Going to church is finally going to be something I look forward to again! Hell, I’ll even be an usher or a deacon. I’m that freakin’ excited.

Addicts, Chiefs Nation, I believe that we are on our way towards a religous experience the likes of which we haven’t seen or felt in 40 years. It may take a while, but I have faith. If it fails? Well, then you can call me R.E.M., because I will have lost my religion. Oh, and don’t expect me not to blasphemize now and then, for these gods of the gridiron are not perfect. Let’s just hope they stay true to their track records and come close to perfection.

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