Larry Johnson Wants To "Break Ties" With Chiefs

(After what he did today, L.J. will no longer be seen in a Chiefs jersey in any new post on this site. Period. That’s a promise. – Adam)

Well, gang, Larry Johnson still wants out of Kansas City despite newly hired GM Scott Pioli.  Larry Johnson went into depth about how he feels about the city and the Chiefs in a 23-minute interview on KCSP 610 radio on Wednesday.

Johnson says:

“I’d rather just play somewhere else. This is a rebuilding team. I dont’ really think that I belong on this rebuilding team. It’s just the way the league works. I’ve done what I’ve done for Kansas City. I’m not getting no younger, and the team is getting younger. So I’m not sure I fit in the scheme of things. I never felt like I was in the scheme of things anyways. Everyone wants to do it the hard way, or you can do it the easy way.”

In the interview Larry goes on to talk about the fans of Kansas City saying that he gets boo’ed when out at sporting events or in the public.

“That’s Kansas City. The rumor mill builds, and the jealousy, and the envy, starts. You feel trapped. At one point I didn’t even want to leave my house.”

When a question was asked about how he came to feel this way, LJ went on to say:

“People don’t understand, they’ve been trying to trade me ever since I came here.  Even when Dick Vermeil was coach, they tried to trade me to Tampa Bay. When I did good, two years after my deal, they’re trying … they want to use me as trade bait. Now, after a year in playing in my deal, they turn around and try to trade me again. They put me on the trade [block] along with Tony Gonzalez. … Like all businesses and personal relationships, there’s a certain type of code of ethics on how to do things. That’s why, ever since I came to Kansas City, they’ve tried to push me out the door. They’ve tried to trade me ever since i got there.”

Larry said that he would be open to stay with the Chiefs if they were not willing to trade him or release him.  He also said he would stay if the “situation was right”, but he really wants a clean break from K.C.

“My situation is totally different than everyone else’s situation,” Johnson said. “The way I am is totally different. I can’t blame [the fans] for incidents that went on that I can’t sway their opinion. At the same time, I did what I did, I apologized to everybody, but it feels like it had no effect. So there’s no sense in me trying to fight an uphill battle. You do what you have to do, break ties, and start all over from scratch.”

On if he believes he owes the Chiefs any “loyalty”:

There’s no loyalty in this game,” Johnson said. “That’s one thing I’ve learned. There’s no such thing as loyalty.”


I have always liked Larry Johnson.  When he wants to, he runs the ball like a mad man and I always liked his aggressive running style.  But if he doesn’t want to be here then let him go.  I still don’t quite understand why he has to act like someone took a you-know-what in his cereal, especially after getting a huge deal last season.  It’s not like he only has a couple years left and wants to go to a contender like TG.  What will happen with Larry Johnson?  Time will tell.  I don’t see his trade stock being very high with all his off the field issues and his poor attitude, but we’ll see.

What do you think we should do with LJ?

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