Father Knows Best?: Super Bowl Edition

In this series, Dr. John Best, aka the Sports Doc, will take on his son, “Arrowhead” Adam Best. They will debate the Chiefs, the NFL and various other topics in order to discover if father really does know best.

The Old Chief: Adam,

Everyone is missing the obvious on this Super Bowl. While everyone is focusing on Larry Fitzgerald, I feel the most important player on the field is Casey Hampton. Yes, Casey is at bat again. The eight-year veteran from Texas is responsible for up the middle push as well as stopping the run. Why is this important? Kurt Warner steps up in the pocket, often avoiding the rush from linebackers and defensive ends. With a strong push up front, it will decrease Warner’s ability to make plays and get the ball downfield.

Overall, I think dick Dick LeBeau’s outfit will be more prepared than the Eagles were. It has recently been discovered that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has metastatic cancer (skin) to the spine, which has limited his involvement. This might be in part responsible for the Cards fast start against the Eagles. The toughness, the balance of offense and defense of the Steelers, as well as the push up front from the three lineman plus one linebacker will be too much for the Cards.

Too tough. Too balanced. Too experienced. Plus, as someone who grew up in St. Louis, I know better than anyone that the Cardinals are born losers. After all, this is still Bill Bidwell’s team. There has never been anything “super” about that man. Meanwhile, Mr. Rooney and his Steelers have five Lombardi trophies. The Steelers win this one decisively.

Remember the name Casey Hampton.

Oh, remember the name Santonio Holmes, too. Very underrated player.

(Adam’s rebuttal after the jump…)

Arrowhead Adam: Dearest Johnny Boy,

Casey Hampton. Yeah, sure, that’s a nice thought and all. Throwing something out there a little different to keep me on my toes. I’ll get to that, but first off let’s talk Larry Fitzgerald.

I know you don’t like his ‘do, but why do you have to be such a hater? Fitzgerald will be the best player on the field at the New Sombrero today hands down. In fact, he’s the best player in the entire NFL right now. This year, yeah, to me that’s irrefutable. It’s ironic that 10 years ago he was a ballboy for the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Because he has the homerun and jump ball abilities of Randy Moss, and the hands, route-running ability and work ethic of Chris Carter. He is the ultimate receiver.

The Steelers won’t have an answer for him. The Eagles have a better all-around secondary, to me it’s not even a debate. Their corners are way better. Sure, Troy Polamalu’s phenomonal, but he won’t be the guy sticking Fitz. That will be Ike Taylor. If Tina Turner’s watching the broadcast tonight, she’ll hear the words “Ike” and “beat” in the same sentence so often she’ll start ducking. Don’t try to act like Jim Johnson wasn’t prepared either. He’s a pro’s pro — he was prepared.

Dick LeBeau is going to make the same mistake Johnson made by sending the house at Kurt Warner. Warner gets rid of the ball faster than any quarterback in the league. With Anquan Boldin and Fitzgerald damn near impossible to hold up at the line, and Steve Breaston often in the slot, Warner’s going to be able to get the ball off when the Steelers blitz. You’re right about Hampton in one way; for the Pittsburgh defense to be successful, the Steelers need to send only a four-, maybe five-man rush on most plays. They’ll need their outside backers and safeties to help contain Boldin, Breaston and Fitz. Problem is that while the Cardinals’ offensive line struggles a bit with run blocking, they are terrific pass blockers. I don’t see any way the Steelers can stop the Cardinals’ passing attack, and in particular Fitz. Todd Haley and his offense get the best of the old man and his Steel Curtain today.

By the way, don’t you remember how “Casey at the Bat” ends? Probably not. You’re old and have alzheimers and that’s why you think the Steelers are going to win. Do you think it’s still the 70s or something? Anyway, here’s the end of the poem…

But there is no joy in Mudville Pittsburgh — mighty Casey has struck out.

You were alive the day that thing was first published, you should’ve remembered that. That being said, I expect the same outcome tomorrow. Adrian Wilson will be the safety everybody’s talking about Monday, after he leads that young, opportunistic secondary in picking apart Ben Roethlisberger.

Here are my two names for you to remember:

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Steve Breaston.

They’re the reason we’ll remember more of the commercials than Santonio Holmes after the Big Game commences.

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