AADQ: Chan Gailey? Seriously?

What the hell has Chiefs nation been smoking? Chan Gailey as our head coach? Other than one year at Troy, he has been Mr. Mediocre at every stop. The crazy thing is that people are questioning Todd Haley in the same breath they are championing Gailey — that’s just nuts!

As an offensive coordinator in 2008, Gailey won one game with his “vaunted” Arrowspread and two all year. As an offensive coordinator in 2008, Todd Haley’s offense willed the Cardinals into the Super Bowl. Gailey has been sought after by gridiron goons like Herm Edwards and Jerry Jones. Todd Haley has been sought after by gridiron geniuses like Bill Parcells and Scott Pioli. Seriously, this argument is a joke. Flush your “collective body of work” crap down the toilet — bringing back Gailey is defeatist. It’s saying going 2-14 is OK. It’s an Al Davis move, that’s what it is.

Everyone fell in love with the Arrowspread, but constantly I hear that I want  to go back to the Vermeil days? Vermeil’s defenses also blew, but at least his offense actually won some freakin’ games. I’d support Al Saunders coming back before I’d support Charlie Chan coming back. All Gailey’s Arrowspread was was sedation during a colonoscopy. He simply made watching the pain in the ass that was Harmball less intolerable with his gimmicky offense. That’s it. That’s it.

Addicts, do you support Chan Gailey to be our next head coach? Really? You sure (trying not to laugh)? Why?

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