I Give Up

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For the second straight week my article that I had prepared to post on this here site got shot all to hell with breaking news coming out of Kansas City.  One of these days I will learn to wait until Sunday afternoon to write these things.  Oh well.

Let me just say that first and foremost I hate Mike Shanahan. Period.  Having said that, let me say that I think, in time, I could learn to like him.  With Scott Pioli running the personnel department and Mike getting back to doing what he does best-coaching.  Mike allegedly had too many things on his plate and refused to relinquish any of it thus the reason for his firing. While it would take a while to get used to, I think the partnership between Scott and Mike would be a deadly combination.  I had to step back and ask myself; Why do you hate him so much?  The answer was simple.  Because he wins.  Period.

Now I would also like to say how I am beginning to loathe some of the bigger name “NFL insiders” on the TV.  One saying one thing and the other saying the exact opposite.  While I love to hear what they have to say, I get so tired of them just going by what their “sources” have to tell them.  The sources tell them what they want them to hear.  Adam Schefter is adamant Mike Shanahan will never coach in KC, but what if his source is telling him; “…look, Mike wants to coach there, but the Chiefs have to be sure they interview at least one minority candidate for the job, now if word gets out that Mike is heading to KC, it might make it difficult for the Chiefs to get a minority candidate to sit down for an interview.” You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours kind of thing going on perhaps. Think about it before you take what these guys say next time as the gospel.

There is a good running back crop coming out in this years draft which might make it difficult to trade LJ.   Both salary cap wise and years of abuse wise, it might make better since for a team to draft a young guy in the 3rd round or so, rather than  give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a proven tailback that, when healthy and not being a 100% turd and thug, is very effective running with the ball in his hand.  Something tells me that the Patriots won’t shy away from LJ because of his off the field issues he had while in KC, I think they will still make a play for him.

Did Gunther Cunningham throw Herm under the bus?  I was a little bit hesitant when Gun stayed on as Herm’s defensive coordinator-knowing how Cunningham likes to blitz and all.  Gunther in a conference call with reporters in Detroit after being introduced as the new defensive coordinator of the Lions mentioned among other things that everyone that knows him knows he is not a play zone all the time kind of guy;

“That’s what he wanted. People here in town knew that I was different than that. My idea is to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback — always has been, always will be.”

So what gives?  Did Gunther just flat out lie in his interview for the DC position with the Chiefs stating he could be a Tamp 2 man all the way or was he told by Herm that he will have plenty of opportunity to blitz during the course of the game and then took away that option after the season began?  Either Herm didn’t let Gunther do what he is known for-blitzing- or Herman told Gun to forget about the blitzing once he was under contract.

Somebody answer me this;  What in the world was Herman Edwards doing?  I mean, he didn’t attend the Senior Bowl and by all accounts he showed up everyday and worked in his office.  So what was he working on?  I think we’ve all come to know Herm and have heard him say thousands of times that his staff and his players are “professional”.  I think it’s only fair to surmise that Herm is extremely professional himself, doing whatever is being asked of him and obviously not saying a negative word to the media.  But what he was doing in his office during the course of a day since the end of the season is beyond me.

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