Gunther Does Detroit: Say Goodbye To The Gun Show

After all the reports that the Chiefs were blocking the Lions yesterday, Gunther Cunningham is now the Lions defensive coordinator. I guess coaching for an 0-16 team beats getting fired by a 2-14 one, albeit by the slimmest of margins. I’m not sure what Jim Schwartz and Co. saw in Gun’s 2008 coaching performance to bring him on, but that’s their problem.

Gunther was great during his first run as D.C., but never quite recaptured the magic during his second stint. In fact, we might as well have kept Greg Robinson on board. Old Gun’s defense became a National punchline this year after losing star defensive end Jared Allen, registering an all-time NFL low 10 sacks. Thanks for all the good times, Gunther, but like Herman Edwards you’ve more than worn out your welcome.

Speaking of Harm, when your D.C. jumps ship without getting fired that is never a good sign.

From The Kansas City Star:

Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham took the same job today with the Detroit Lions.

He is the third Chiefs assistant coach to flee since the end of the season, joining secondary coach David Gibbs and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer. Gibbs went to Houston, Priefer to Denver.

Detroit’s new head coach, Jim Schwartz, and Cunningham worked together with the Tennessee Titans during the three seasons between the time Cunningham was fired as Chiefs head coach and rehired as their defensive coordinator.

Addicts, sound of on Gunther Cunningham’s departure…

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